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M&S anti-cellulite knickers… haven’t we been here before?

April 29, 2010

M&S have today come under fire after making unproven claims about their new cellulite busting pants… but hang on, haven’t we been here before?

SCALA made similar claims around this time last year after launching their famous hotpants, which claimed to ‘melt away’ fat. You can read our blog post from May 2009 here: Hot pants cellulite treatment

Now forgive us for being a bit cynical, afterall we love to entertain a gimmick or two when it comes along, but if it was really as easy as slipping on a pair of knickers to combat the problem that affects up to 90% of women in the UK, there wouldn’t be a problem, would there?

Cellulite is a complex body condition and it’s unlikely that there will ever be a permanent cure.

The M&S knickers, as described on the website, make it sound so easy, listing ingredients such as: “Caffeine, to slim and tone; Vitamin E, to help protect against ageing; and soothing Aloe Vera, to smooth. These are held in place by millions of micro-bubbles, then released onto your skin as you move.”

If only it was that simple! It really isn’t and if you definitely want to get rid of cellulite, it comes through hours of exercise, eating healthily and drinking water – and that’s just for starters. Mesotherapy is also a fantastic natural cellulite treatment that helps mobilise the fat and reduce the lumpy, orange peel effects that are so common on womens legs and bottoms.

A quick fix these undergarments might provide, but if you’re looking for a more long-term cellulite solution that will work, it’s probably best to consult an expert and look further afield than your usual local shopping haunts.

Here’s an example of one of our clients, who was 35 at the time of treatment. The results speak for themselves:

Before mesotherapy

After mesotherapy


Cellulite treatment for bank holiday spa-goers

April 28, 2010
Cellulite treatment - After

Cellulite treatment - After

Cellulite treatment - Before

With a few bank holiday weekends on the horizon, a city spa-break with the girls might be just what the doctor ordered, but is the thought of sporting a onepiece and flashing the thighs clouding this otherwise blissful (and might i say brilliant) idea?

Cellulite is the bane of many women’s lives, affecting up to 90% of the UK female population. Many people have tried and tested every single fat-busting cream under the sun, and still it sits there, all lumpy and orange-peel-like, making you reach for the linen trousers in summer instead of that new bikini.

Whilst some creams can help, the effects are usually short-lived, which doesn’t offer much value for money.

Eporex cellulite treatment is the only treatment that addresses the fundamental causes of cellulite, which occurs when skin tissue is weakened coupled with the pressure of pockets of fat. This causes the sunken, dimply texture.

Also called mesotherapy, the treatment gets to the root of the problem and simultaneously strengthens and firms the skin while dispersing the micro-pockets of subcutaneous fat.  This gives the skin a lovely healthy, even, toned appearance.

How does Cellulite Reduction Treatment work when people tell me you can’t get rid of cellulite?

The treatment introduces concentrated amounts of more than a dozen natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids  into the subcutaneous fat layer where cellulite exists.  These non-toxic ingredients already exist in the body in small quantities or there are enzymes within the body that act in the same way.

They all have vital functions and one of the key ingredients is an organic mineral that corrects irregular tissue in the body including the hardened tissue that has trapped fats and fluids from circulating normally and shows up as cellulite.

Other ingredients make the local fat more easily burnt as energy by the body and stimulate the cells, providing them with the necessary ingredients to function correctly.

The treatment comes with the unique SkinGenesis guarantee and the before and after shots above are of our own 35 year old client.

It costs from £75 per treatment, with a typical course lasting 7 weeks. We have offers on our mesotherapy treatments at the moment (April/May 2010) so book your free consultation now and see if we could help you look gorgeous this summer, and get ready to hit those spas!

So will it be Budapest? Iceland? Turkey? Take your pick!