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Take care in the heatwave

June 30, 2009

Tuesday 30th June 2009

We’re all probably aware of the predicted ‘heatwave’ that’s meant to be hitting the UK, although judging by the dull days up here in the North, we don’t have too much to worry about just yet!

As a precaution however, it is important to make sure that you avoid ill health or skin damage by being just a little more vigilent than usual during the hotter, sunnier weeks.

It’s also important to take care of your skin when the sun is blazing, no matter how tempting it is to top up your tan! Remember, a sunscreen only protects you from UV rays and doesn’t block them completely, which means you can still tan safely by wearing a high factor sunscreen. This way you can avoid premature aging and protect against skin cancer.

It is predicted by the NHS and the Met Office that many will fall ill with sunstroke this summer, particularly the elderly, children and other ‘higher risk’ groups. Make sure that you check on your elderly relatives and friends and follow the points below to ensure that you stay safe this summer:

  • Keep your house cool by opening windows and buying a couple of fans
  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge so that you don’t become dehydrated
  • Wear a high factor sunscreen if exposed to the UV rays
  • Cool showers will soothe the skin and take the edge off a muggy, humid atmosphere
  • Wear a hat outside to shade the delicate skin on your face – you can still catch the rays under a fashionable wide-brim sunhat!

Lunchtime salad or Big Mac? Can’t decide!

June 26, 2009

Friday 26th June 2009

There have been stories in the news this week about that sensible, ‘goodgirl’ salad you reach for everyday on your lunchtime, could be as menacing as a big fat greasy Big Mac!

Research has shown that many salads that you buy from the highstreet contain as much, if not more fat, than your average junk food burger. In fact you might say that you would be healthier eating a Big Mac everyday for lunch than some pre-packed salads.

However before you ditch the rabbit food in favour of your favourite burger joint, how about making up your own fresh salad each morning? That way you know exactly what is going into your lunch and can keep tabs on how many calories you’re consuming everyday. Fatty foods can have a devastating effect on your skin, making it dull, greasy and can lead to clogged pores. We all know what that means… ADULT ACNE ALERT!

To prevent breakouts and lead a healthier lifestyle, check out our tops tips on nutrition. Making small changes to your daily routine can dramatically improve your appearance, all it takes is a little extra effort!

Skin health checks can identify where you need to make changes too, or take a look at our chemical peel demonstration below, which is great for people who want better skin.

Skin Damage – ever wondered how to get perfect skin?

June 24, 2009

Wednesday 24th June 2009

Sunbeds, UV rays, excess makeup, harsh chemicals, bad lifestyle… they all wreak havoc on your skin.

Watch this video clip about Expert Skin Analysis on YouTube from us and Channel M’s ‘Style in the City’.

We invited the cameras into our SkinGenesis Manchester clinic to give a demonstration of the Expert Skin Analysis on two volunteers, which is a highly effective method of detecting earlysigns of skin cancer and skin damage, measuring moisture content and pH and putting a stop to premature ageing.

If you’re worried about skin damage and are wondering what you can do to start to restore its goodness and elasticity, the first step is to see a skin specialist who can analyse your skin and devise a new regime to rectify any damage that’s been done.

Leave us a comment below and we’ll advise you on the next steps to achieving a flawless complexion.

SmoothShapes Cellulite UK reviewed on GMTV next week

June 19, 2009

Friday 19th June 2009

Tune into GMTV next Tuesday 23rd June as they will be reviewing the SmoothShapes cellulite machine at our Chester SkinGenesis clinic!

We were the first skin clinic in the UK to offer the SmoothShapes cellulite machine, attracting customers from all over the UK!

Got questions about SmoothShapes? Watch this video on YouTube or leave us a comment below.

Semi-permanent make-up – look your best, even in your sleep!

June 17, 2009

Wednesday 17th June 2009

Waking up late and running out of the house with no make-up on can be a thing of the past thanks to micropigmentation!

What if you no longer had to get up half an hour early on a morning to put on your make up before you leave the house? What if you could go on holiday and sunbathe without wondering whether your make up has smudged in the heat? And what if you could go on a night out with the girls knowing that you looked fabulous all night, even at 3am whilst you’re queuing for a taxi?!

Well now you can.

Semi-permanent make-up provides a way to enhance your image and look gorgeous, 24 hours a day – that’s right, even when you’re sleeping!

You can now permanently wear eyeliner, lipstick and even have fuller-looking eyebrows or eyelashes in one simple treatment. Just think about how much money you spend on make up a month, and how much time and effort you spend each morning applying it.

Guide prices are as follows, and all include a second application after 3 months.

  • Brows from £360
  • Eye treatments from £370
  • Lip treatments from £425

Refresher treatments/upkeep are just £200*

Perfect for short eyebrows, thin stumpy eyelashes and thin, ageing lips… Tell us what you think about semi-permanent make-up!

*Prices refer to those charged at SkinGenesis only. Other clinics will vary.

Sun protection for homeless people’s skin

June 15, 2009

Monday 15th June 2009

It was announced today that homeless people across Edinburgh will be given free high factor sunscreens this summer to protect their skin against sun damage and skin cancer, by charity Sunwise.

It is important for everyone to protect their skin and we feel that because homeless people spend so much time outdoors, it is extremely important for them to seek shade and cover up in what has so far been quite a hot summer already.

Skin cancer is on the up according to recent figures, so it makes sense to hand out free suncream to those who can’t afford it themselves. Ideally it would be great if this could be rolled out amongst all the major UK cities and even other groups of people in addition to the homeless – whether it will or not is another question.

As leading skincare experts, we would advise everyone to wear at least a factor 20 sun lotion and to make sure it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. There are many varieties available in the chemists and you don’t always have to go for the ‘best brand’ or most expensive. Check out reviews, as there are usually many at this time of year.

In addition to cancer, the sun can wreak havoc on the skin by causing free radicals, which are the little menacing little things that cause wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet – meaning you will have to spend oodles of money on anti-ageing treatments. Pigmented skin, sun spots and the need for freckle removal can also be caused by too much sun, which can too be treated by specialist skin treatments.

Fat reduction treatments for that bikini body

June 10, 2009

Wednesday 10th June 2009

Are you looking forward to your summer holiday, but absolutely terrified of sporting that brand new skimpy bikini?

Fat reduction treatments can help give you the confidence to wear what you want, including bikinis, by the method of targeted mesotherapy, which over a course of treatments can take inches off the waist, thighs and hips!

And it’s not just women who can benefit from this miraculous treatment, take a look at how Lewis had Isophoresis mesotherapy at SkinGenesis to shift his stubborn fat.

Mesotherapy is the technique of introducing concentrated natural ingredients, such as amino acids that are normally found in the body, in very small quantities. These target precise areas of the body where they go to work mobilising the troublesome fat.

No needles, no liposuction and no risk of burning, bruising or scabbing – most people resume normal daily activities after leaving the clinic.

Visit our new website for more info:

Even celebrities need acne treatment

June 8, 2009

Monday 8th June 2009

Victoria Beckham is the latest victim of the press after being ‘papped’ with a few blemishes on her face as she shopped in Beverly Hills. Except the newspaper which featured this ‘story’ (if you can call it that) made her skin condition sound much worse than it actually was, blowing it all out of proportion and rather distastefully rebranding her as ‘spotty spice’.

As we all know, acne can affect anyone at any age and many celebrities suffer from this common skin problem and require acne treatment.

With such a sensitive problem as acne the last thing you want is pictures of it splashed all over a national paper, even if you are in the public eye. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how famous you are, acne can cause havoc with anyone’s skin – the key is to get acne treatment as soon as possible before it becomes out of control.

Victoria recently discovered some kind of obscure treatment from Japan, which uses ingredients derived from nightingale poo! If like us you don’t really fancy putting that on your face, you might like to think about having intense pulsed light treatment (IPL), microdermabrasion or a chemical skin peel, which can all work wonders on spots and acne breakouts. A mixture of the lot can give you great skin in no time!

Watch a microdermabrasion demonstration here:

Pumpkin and peptide chemical skin peel

June 3, 2009

Wednesday 3rd June 2009

Editor of SpaWorld Magazine, Terri Fleeman-Hardwick, recently had some skin treatments at SkinGenesis and is abosolutely thrilled with the results.

Watch this video on YouTube and see how the pumpkin and peptide chemical peel and microdermabrasion helped her regain a more youthful complexion ahead of her wedding day!

SmoothShapes cellulite treatment in UK is so far successful!

June 1, 2009

Monday 1st June 2009

As you will know, our Chester clinic now offers SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment – the only one of its kind in the UK – and so far it has been a roaring success!

Tone up and smooth out, with SmoothShapes

Tone up and smooth out, with SmoothShapes

Many of our existing clients as well as fresh faces have signed up for the four week course in order to battle their orange-peel skin in a bid for that perfect bikini body.

A scientific-based treatment, SmoothShapes uses a proprietary technology called Photomology® and does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering a ‘smoother shape’ and tightening the skin.

It really does work, but don’t just take our word for it – come and try it for yourself.

We care about your skin and your body so even if you just want to have a quick chat with us about your skincare needs, you can. There’s absolutely no obligation to have any treatments and there is certainly no hard sell.

You will need to book in quickly however because the initial trial of SmoothShapes at SkinGenesis only continues for two more months before we decide whether the machine will be a permanent fixture in our clinic… so far it’s looking good, but don’t take the chance, otherwise you’ll have to go all the way to the USA!

Of course, as the saying goes, other Cellulite Treatments are available..