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Acne treatment – acne back skin v acne facial skin

March 31, 2009

Tuesday 31st March 2009

Something that can be more uncomfortable than facial acne is suffering from acne on your back. Many people suffer, yet most people don’t have a clue what can be done in terms of acne treatment.

For your face, there are many treatments available. There are face washes, creams and lotions, as well as concealers and foundations which can provide great camouflage for those last minute meetings and dates! But for your back, besides a few ‘anti-acne’ body washes, many people do not know where to start.

Anti-biotics can help, but it can sometimes take a while to find a brand that works right for you. Also people have worries about side effects and damage to their health. What’s more, the body and the acne-causing bacteria can become immune to certain strains of drugs, making them useless in the long term.

It’s much better to find an acne treatment that will definitely clear up the back skin. Treatments that stimulate natural responses in the body are more preferable when it comes to acne back-skin treatment, such as intense pulsed light therapy, microdermabrasion, skin peels and more. These treatments target the problem areas, working right on the site where acne is being the most mischievious!

Watch a YouTube acne treatment video – Andrea, who is featured, is one of our clients, who will tell you just how delighted she is with the results!


Thread vein removal – imagine life without them

March 27, 2009

Friday 27th March 2009

Thread veins are extremely common and can often cause people lots of upset and discontentment with their skin. Thread vein removal is fast increasing in popularity and with today’s advanced treatments, thread veins can be a thing of the past.

Thread veins are common amongst people who have had jobs in the outdoors, or those who might take part in a great deal of outdoor activities, but you needn’t let your vanity stop you from enjoying your job or hobbies.

Often referred to as ‘spider vein treatment’, we use cutting edge IPL treatments, using technology that is more powerful than most laser treatments. Whats more, it is kinder to your skin too, reducing any risks. In fact, risks are so minimal you won’t even be left with any bruising, as most people expect.

IPL works by encouraging natural processes in the skin to act and gradually, over a course of treatments, the thread veins disappear – a little bit like how a regular bruise would disappear.

Speaking of SPIDER veins… take a look at this YouTube video – a world record of having the most spiders on the body for 30 seconds!!

To find out more about thread vein removal, call one of our clinics in Leeds, Manchester or Chester.

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Skin Care Products cause increase in skin diseases

March 23, 2009

Monday 23rd March 2009

Soap, face wash, shower gel, shampoo, moisturisers, make up, deodorant, perfume … all of them contain chemicals and most of us will probably use all of the above, every morning. It’s just routine.

However researchers have indicated that the excessive use of such products could be the cause of an increase in certain skin diseases, especially eczema and sometimes acne. Too much washing definitely dries out the skin, and the chemicals used in products take out all the grease and natural moisturisers in our skin.

Over-washing, or using too much acne treatment gels or creams can worsen the situation and make your skin more sore. Skin diseases such as acne are not just going to vanish overnight, the best acne treatment will work over time, so anyone trying to treat their skin will have to be patient to see the best results.

Children are encouraged to use soaps and other cleansing products from a very early age, and on delicate skin, these chemicals can have a harsher effect. However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be clean! We would recommend being selective with the products that you do use, using gentle cleansers such as Simple products or ones that are specifically formulated to treat certain skin conditions.

With acne for example, cleansing your face on a morning and on a night before bed should be sufficient to help clear spots, but not overly excessive to cause unwanted drying or inflammatory effects.

Read about acne treatments here.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow – permanent hair removal

March 19, 2009

Thursday 19th March 2009

Shaving, waxing, plucking, epilation, depilatories, electrolysis…

How often do you get up on a morning to have a quick shower and then realise you have to shave your legs, so it takes twice as long? Or perhaps you dread taking that four-weekly trip to the beauticians only to waxed to the high heavens, leaving you red, blotchy and in pain?

More and more people are starting to wonder about permanent hair removal techniques, one of the most effective methods being Variable Pulsed Light therapy (VPL), and is the most advanced IPL system available. We have been using it for six years now and have consistently seen dramatic, lasting results on our clients, so it might be worth a thought.

VPL effectively removes hair from any part of the body and significantly reduces the chance of it growing back, unlike shaving and waxing. With a few repeated treatments you should see impressive results and will feel confident enough to wear anything.

Watch our video on YouTube and see how permanent hair removal has changed the life of Kuldeep.

Imagine having 15 minutes extra in bed on a morning because you don’t have to shave.

Imagine the amount of water, electricity and money you will save by not having to run the shower for so long.

And ouch! Imagine not having to go for the dreaded bikini line wax?!

No pain, but all the gains! Look into how IPL hair removal can help you and there’s also a £25 trial hair removal treatment.

Read more about natural hair removal here.

Non-surgical skin treatments gain popularity as cosmetic surgery plummets

March 16, 2009

Monday 16th March 2009

A report by The Times has revealed that the number of people opting for cosmetic surgery is dwindling as the economic downturn continues to spiral deeper into depression. Non-surgical skin treatments are however gaining popularity, offering a cheaper, less invasive option that produces noticable results that last.

Non-surgical treatments stimulate natural responses in the body, providing a safer, more affordable way to get the body and skin that you’ve always wanted. Expert Peter Beard said: “Even though people have tightened their purse strings, people are saving more money, just incase it’s needed one day. People are also still buying themselves little treats to keep their spirits up, however whilst it used to be a £6000 tummy tuck, it’s now a much more justifiable £525 course of seven Eporex Targeted Fat Reduction treatments.”

Mesotherapy provides a great way to lose fat, firm the breasts and get rid of cellulite, in fact our genuine before and after photos show just how effective this treatment can be.

Surgery is not something you should decide to have without lots of thought and consideration. Having surgery will permanently change any part of your body, which is why it’s so important to choose the best surgeon with the best track record, instead of searching for the cheapest option.

Have you switched from surgical to natural cosmetic treatments? Share your stories and questions here.

Sunburn alert technology will prevent skin cancer

March 13, 2009

Friday 13th March 2009

Imagine lying on an exotic beach and instead of worrying about whether your shoulders have burned, you had an alarm clock that told you exactly when you’ve had enough time in the sun.

We all worry about the damaging effects of the sun and what we can use as anti-aging treatments to counteract these devastating effects on the skin. An Expert Skin Analysis can help stop sun damage in its tracks by identifying exactly how much damage has been done so you can start to rectify it.

Well researchers may have found a breakthrough technology that will help prevent all us sensitive skin types from getting sunburned from over-exposure!

Still in its early days, the technology could be developed into a wristband or clothing label that turns pink before your skin does! This would be an ideal product for parents to protect their little one’s skin, as well as adults who find it hard to drag themselves into the shade when they think they’ve had enough!

This could be the end of men looking like lobsters on Mediterranean beaches, the end of women having to wear strapless tops to avoid the pain of fabric rubbing against sunburned skin, the end of your children ruining your holiday, crying because they can’t bear the sting of their scorched skin.

This of course is not an alternative to sunscreen, infact you should wear an SPF on the face and neck everyday, not just whilst you’re on holiday to avoid any wrinkles or sun damage to the skin.

We’re very impressed… are you?

Don’t forget the FACE-NECK connection in your wrinkle treatment

March 11, 2009

Wednesday 11th March 2009

So many people seem to forget that the skin on the face is actually connected to the skin on the neck and that the neck is as equally exposed to the sun and elements as our face is – so why oh why do many of us neglect our necks so much when it comes to moisturiser, sunscreen and wrinkle treatment?

Glamour Magazine’s blog writers have quite rightly pointed out that Belinda Carlisle’s beautiful, youthful face just doesn’t match up to her wrinkled, aging neck. Now i can hear you all shouting ‘Botox!’, ‘Dermal Fillers!’, ‘Face Lift!’ to me as you read this, however judging by Belinda’s face in the photo, she still has the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth that many of us develop with age… so maybe she hasn’t had any ‘work done’.

What she does have tell-tale signs of is an aging neck, indicating that whatever rich moisturiser she uses on her facial skin, she certainly doesn’t use on her neck. People make a conscious effort to have anti-aging treatments such as microdermabrasion to their face, but not a few inches lower.

Watch SkinGenesis’ demonstration of microdermabrasion on YouTube and rate our clip.

The neck and hands are usually sure-fire ways for a person to guess your real age, so don’t let this forgotten skin give away your youthful secret! Invest in an extra bottle of moisturiser or sunscreen today and slap it on!

Anti aging treatments – Jen says ‘grow old naturally

March 10, 2009

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Tuesday 10th March 2009

When it comes to anti aging treatment, it’s hard to decide which ones are best for you, but Jennifer Aniston believes that cosmetic surgery and more invasive procedures like Botox can actually make you look older!

She might have a point. Afterall, everyone knows the signature ‘frozen’ look that comes with Botox, you just have to look at all the other 40-something celebrities that cannot bear to put up with a few wrinkles. Jen admits having ‘dabbled’ with Botox in the past, however said she would never go through it again as it made her head feel like a big old weight on her shoulders!

Jen has pledged to grow old gracefully and naturally – something that echoes our last post about Barbie’s birthday and how we should use this week as an opportunity to re-evaluate our anti-aging regimes. Growing old gracefully doesn’t have to mean looking like a wrinkled up bulldog. It simply means you don’t have to go to extremes to slow down the process of time.

Tissue remodelling, SkinGym, Expert Skin Analysis – all are programmes that can help you look years younger and use methods such as IPL, microdermabrasion, regenerative skin peels and mesotherapy – all fantastic and 100% natural ways of revealing a younger you that fits with your real age.

Barbie is turning 50 – anti-aging treatment secrets!

March 6, 2009

Friday 6th March 2009

Barbie will be celebrating her 50th birthday this Monday (9th March), but have you noticed she never seems to age? She has never looked a day over 21, but you don’t have to be Barbie to look fabulous at 50!

We are trying to encourage women to use this day as an opportunity to revive their anti-aging regimes. It’s never too late to inject positive changes into your life to try to slow down time and smooth out those pesky wrinkles. You can talk until you’re blue in the face about how eating healthily and exercise helps you stay young and fit, but it’s up to you to really take combat against your fine lines.

There really are some ‘beauty secrets’ out there, much less obvious than botox and dermal fillers, and we would love to share them with you. Forget all the creams you can buy at the luxurious counters in the department stores – we’re talking about the anti-aging treatments that mean business and really work.

Treatments that even Barbie would be pleased to try include tissue remodelling which produces total skin rejuvenation. It stimulates the skin’s natural mechanism that repairs tissues, producing more collagen and elastin – a process that slows down with age. Now who said you can’t grow old gracefully, and naturally?

Read about the SkinGym anti aging programme too, which promises to reveal a new younger you in as little as 40 days!