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Merry Christmas from your Skin Experts

December 23, 2008

Tuesday 23rd December 2009

We just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all and to thank you for taking the time to read our skin expert blog everyday. We write this stuff because we care about you and your skin and it provides us with the opportunity to engage with you on an informal basis.

We are however taking a break over the festive period, firstly because Santa is popping round with his elves for an Expert Skin Analysis, but also because we too are going to enjoy some gourmet food, drinks and of course presents!

We will be back in the New Year from 5th January and we look forward to seeing you all then.

In the meantime, look after your skin, especially when indulging in a festive drink or two! Take care when snacking on crisps and chocolate and be sure to drink plenty of water to balance out those toxins.

Lecture over. Go and enjoy Christmas! Ho ho ho!


Act fast with acne treatment to protect your skin

December 22, 2008

Monday 22nd December 2009

If there is one thing we would tell anyone with acne, it would be to seek professional advice and professional acne treatment as soon as it starts to become a problem. If it is left, hoping it will just disappear, that is when the real problems can start and your acne can start to worsen.

Everyone who suffers from this common problem will know that acne can scar your skin, and severe cases of acne need to be treated very carefully to avoid permanent damage to the skin.

We have found that some people with acne are reluctant to seek medical advice on the condition, with reasons ranging from feeling silly, or like they are wasting the professional’s time, to being embarrassed to show it to anyone. There are thousands of ‘natural remedies’ out there, using essential oils and minerals, and these can work wonders on very mild cases of acne. However when your little pimples start to become larger, inflamed, cyst-like imperfections, it is time to seek advice on how to deal with them effectively and safely.

Acne is difficult to live with for any age group, however a little perseverence goes a long way and within weeks it is possible to improve the condition of your skin. It starts from within, and our treatments in particular treat acne from the core, targeting the site at which the blemishes can be found. Depending on the severity, we combine a regime that’s right for you, from skin peels and microdermabrasion to intense pulsed light therapies.

You don’t have to suffer in silence, hoping it will cure itself. Leave us a note below and we’ll get back to you with what you can do to help your skin.

Healing acne takes time

December 19, 2008

Friday 19th December 2008

Anyone who suffers from acne will know that it doesn’t just disappear miraculously overnight and they might also have found that most over the counter creams and medicines simply do not work. The secret to healing acne is to take your time and implement an acne treatment plan that will work, then stick to it.

Acne is an underlying skin problem, and whilst creams may reduce swelling as a quick fix before a night out, they do not dig deep to core of the problem. Targeting the site of the cause of acne is what you must do, particularly in severe cases.

Everyone’s body is different, so everyone needs a different programme of treatment to get the best results. Here at SkinGenesis we tailor a plan that suits you and you only: first we assess your skin, then we decide on the best treatment. But it doesn’t stop there, we stick with you to provide a specialist aftercare programme too, advising on what you should do at home to keep acne at bay.

Here we work on a scale of severity, for example mild acne breakouts would include anti-bacterial peels and microdermabrasion, whereas for more severe cases, we might also use Intense Pulsed Light and sometimes, mesotherapy. Our treatments are also effective on scarring too. You can read more about our scales of severity and more info on acne treatment at the SkinGenesis website.

Our key advice would be to persevere, because once you have the right acne treatment that suits your skin, it’s only a matter of time before you notice a BIG difference!

Contact lenses for cats?!

December 18, 2008

Thursday 18th December 2008

We just had to comment on a story we read on today . The RSPCA tells us about Ernest the cat, who suffers from a condition called entropion, which means his eyelids close inwards and scratch his eyeballs. To remedy the situation, vets have advised Ernest to wear contact lenses – yes that’s right – contact lenses to protect his little peepers!
We thought this story was so cute, we just had to let you know about it! Ernest’s carers state that he his a lot happier since receiving his lenses, as he can now open his eyes instead of walking around with them shut. They also say that he his a lot more wary of dogs because he can now see them, when before, he wasn’t phased by them at all – no wonder!

Looks like Specsavers might have a whole new clientele before long…

First US face transplant a success!

December 17, 2008

Wednesday 17th December 2008

Surgeons in Ohio have performed their first almost-total face transplant, replacing 80% of the woman’s face with that of a deceased donor.

It’s not the first face transplant to be carried out, in fact three others have been attempted around the world and this is truely a breakthrough in the reconstructive cosmetic surgery industry. Still in its early days, those who have gone through this procedure have either been viciously attacked in some way or is a result of a genetic disfigurement or severe trauma. So it’s only very rare cases where this is available, but still, we think it is great that people who go through such trauma can be a little more optimistic.

There are drawbacks, as with any surgical operation and there are many ethical considerations. One drawback is that patients must remain on medication for the rest of their lives in order to suppress their immune system, so that their new face is not rejected by their bodies. Some also believe that patients might also feel remorse or guilt for the donor once they see their face, or even disappointment if they’re not satisfied with the results.

It has to be remembered though that the muscles and bone structure of the patients will alter the face somewhat, so it will not necessarily look like the donor. You can read more about the first US face transplant here at the BBC or here at the New Zealand Herald.

What are your thoughts on this?

Mesotherapy – the key treatment to cellulite & fat reduction

December 12, 2008

Friday 12th December 2008

Many of our clients come into our clinics with various issues about their body, from cellulite, excess fat, thread veins, aged skin and many more.  The truth is, mesotherapy is a kind of miracle treatment because it treats so many things, especially Cellulite Treatment and Fat Reduction.

The Consulting Room have given a great overview of mesotherapy here, and you can see how mesotherapy works at the SkinGenesis website. Here you will see some great before and after images, proving that this treatment really does work. It works differently for individual clients, like anything does, and results also depend on the problem and severity of the case.

Mesotherapy works by injecting small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, targeted specifically at the site of concern, so only the problematic area is treated. It doesn’t hurt and you can resume your normal daily routine straight away. Treatments take 10 to 20 minutes and a course of treatments is advised for best results.

So if you would like to bust that cellulite on the thighs, or flatten that tummy or even just look more youthful, mesotherapy could be your new friend! If you’re thinking about it, it is definitely worth discussing it with the experts before making any decisions. We are always happy to have a friendly chat with you if you want more info, and you will find the relevant numbers on the SkinGenesis website.

Melanotan injections to prevent cancer

December 11, 2008

Thursday 11th December 2008

OK so our readers will know that we’ve posted a couple of times on here about Melanotan – and for those who don’t know what this is, it’s injectable tans. Now they might on first glance look like a wholly unnatural way of getting a tan, maybe you think it’s vanity gone mad? It has been labelled by some as the Barbie Drug, however if you take a look at the Pale Girls Guide and watch the YouTube video embedded on her blog, you’ll see that the researchers may be onto something a lot deeper than just plain vanity and there may be a key health breakthrough in there.

Every summer we are warned about dangers of the sun’s UV rays and how to avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm, wear a sun hat, slap on factor zillion etc. Well, Melanotan might save thousands from skin cancer because the injected substance causes the body to release more melanin, which is usually released by the body once the skin has been damaged, i.e. sunburn, to protect it from burning again.

As we’ve said before, the injections must must must be rigorously tested before the general public can feel confident that it won’t affect them in some obscure way. Every drug has side effects. Epitan, the guys in the YouTube video above, aim to actively sell the product in three years time. It could be a breakthrough. We’ll definitely be following the progress of Melanotan because we know there are so many people who are just as curious as us!

Keep checking back here for the latest updates. Have you used Melanotan yet? Or are you thinking about it?

‘Credit crunch non-surgical facelift’ on the rise

December 10, 2008

Wednesday 10th December 2008

We’ve noticed it for a while – the surge in the number of people approaching us about alternatives to going under the knife – and it seems that the ‘credit crunch non-surgical facelift‘ is on the rise as the recession bites even harder.

Now, the term ‘credit crunch facelifts’ does not mean scrimping on your skin, nor is it in anyway a ‘budget’ alternative to surgical procedures. It is rather a much more affordable and cost efficient option, which has to be a bonus to anyone in the current economic climate. Dr Newman’s clinics have noticed the same effect, stating that non-surgical skin treatments are up by 60%.

Opting for less invasive procedures means that any treatments you have will be administered gradually with results being more natural. This way you won’t appear 55 one day and 35 the next, as is sometimes the case with the more unnatural surgical procedures. The treatments are usually done at intervals for maximum effects, so you don’t have to have any time off work and you can pay in instalments.

Hear what Janice had to say about her anti aging treatment SkinGym:

So while the kids will have had their Christmas, maybe the New Year is a time to start thinking of yourself? You know you deserve it! What’s more, SkinGenesis offers acne, cellulite and thread vein treatments and much more, such as skin rejuvenation in Leeds, Manchester and Chester, with some fabulous offers on at the moment. You can even have a no obligation Expert Skin Analysis too to see what treatments, if any, you need.

Visit the SkinGenesis website for clinic phone numbers or for more info.

Pining for summer already?

December 9, 2008

Tuesday 9th December 2008

… I know i am! This morning was the first morning that i woke up and thought, “Eugh. Winter”. I love winter, in fact, I love the four seasons that we have in this country, but after a million mornings of getting up in the dark, setting off for work in the dark and then coming home in the dark, not to mention it’s freezing outside, all I want to do is curl up and hibernate until summer comes around!

I know UK summers aren’t great, but at least you don’t have to wear 10 layers of clothing and walk around with dry chapped skin for months on end. I was at a fashion show on Saturday, walking around the exhibition, trying out all the latest products and there it was, the biggest ‘Fake Bake’ stand I have ever seen! I think the demonstrator has managed to convert me again from being really anti-fake tan, to wanting to slap it on by the bottle load – because their new products look so good!

The airbrush product adds an instant ‘quick-fix’ for any last minute nights out, whilst still absorbing into the skin to develop a perfect tan that can last up to 5 days. While their traditional lotion product is better than ever, creating a tan that lasts up to 10 days without making you appear orange! Couple this with their bronzers and make-up, specially designed for fake tanned skin, you can look like a summer goddess, even in the middle of this bitter winter! Btw, have you tried the excellent Jane Iredale mineral makeup?

I’m not wholly converted yet, as I don’t know how long i will put the effort in to maintaining a tan, but i’m definitely tempted. I will definitely use Fake Bake anyway, as I think it’s the best value tan, and I don’t think anyone wants to be wasting their money at the moment. It’s also inside Cheryl Cole’s make-up bag! If anything, it’s got to make summer feel that little bit closer. Hasn’t it?

Strokes – campaign to act fast!

December 8, 2008

Monday 8th December 2008

In the New Year, the Department of Health will launch a new campaign to teach and warn people about the initial symptoms of a stroke, with the system of ‘FAST’ being the very backbone of the campaign.

‘FAST’ stands for:

Facial weakness,

Arm weakness,

Speech problems and

Time to dial 999.

We think this is a fantastic way of alerting people to the early stages of a stroke and could potentially save the lives and health of thousands of people across UK. It’s surprising how many people would not be able to spot the symptoms, most of them thinking that they simply feel unwell or a bit tired.

If you think you may have suffered, or are suffering from a stroke using the FAST method, it’s worth calling 999 or visiting your doctor, just to get checked out. Early diagnosis and emergency treatment can ultimately prevent permanent disability or worse, so it’s important to bear these factors in mind when you feel unwell.

You can read more about the stroke campaign at the Health Repubic website.