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Style tips – and skin treatments – for single girls

December 14, 2009

Monday 14th December 2009

Trinny and Susannah have been on the prowl again, telling nearly 100 single girls What Not to Wear if you’re looking for love.

While those two fashion gurus may be best placed to tell you how you should be filling your wardrobe, there’s no better people than us at SkinGenesis to tell you how to achieve perfect skin in a bid to bag ‘the one’ this Christmas!

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If adult acne is holding you back, microdermabrasion, skin peels or IPL might be in order. If you’re worried about wrinkles and fine lines you might want to consider SkinGym. Or just feeling a bit dull and want to be refreshed? Try SkinSpa!

Meanwhile, watch the gladrags duo give 93 Bridget Jones’s a grilling at the link below!


Looking good and having skin treatments don’t make you a bimbo

November 18, 2009

Wednesday 18th November 2009

Jill Berry, president of the Girls School Association (GSA) can be seen this week on the Guardian’s website stating that fashion and wanting to look good, and intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

This got us thinking… Often in the cosmetics industry, people are quick to label people who follow fashion, wear striking make-up, have cosmetic treatments and surgery etc, as being bimbos. Some people think you have to be a grey-faced, library-bound hermit in order to be thought of as ‘intelligent’, when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Many of our clients are confident intelligent women, who simply have an interest in looking good. Just because women spend money on skin treatments and the latest shoes from Vogue doesn’t make them any less intelligent.

We think there’s something empowering about women who take pride in their appearance, because when you look good, you feel good, which in turn makes you want to achieve more.