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High-street anti-aging creams proven to work!

April 29, 2009

Wednesday 29th April 2009

Scientists claim to have proof that some anti-aging creams on the high street actually work successfully in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Professor Chris Griffiths and the team at the University of Manchester found evidence that products that contain peptides, retinyl palmitate and white lupin extract, have a fantastic anti-aging effect on the skin. Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum appears to be the preferred choice, however DON’T just buy it and expect miracles until you’ve read the rest of this post!

We have always said that it is wrong to say that face creams simply do not work. Some of them do work, but the important factor in deciding which cream to go for is finding a cream that suits your skin’s pH, moisture content and any damage that has been done to the skin, eg. from the sun.

“But how do i find all that out?”… i hear you ask!

It’s quite simple really. Some of the better skin clinics will provide a skin analysis on your first consultation, for example ours is called the ‘Expert Skin Analysis’. Before a customer receives any anti ageing treatment, they should be fully aware of their in-depth skin type so that they can make an educated choice about what treatments they are subsequently going to pay for.

Come and see us for a free Expert Skin Analysis. In the meantime, there are things you can do to prevent wrinkles from the start… mainly staying out of the sun and moisturising. We all like to get a bit of a tan, however none of us like wrinkles, so whilst you don’t need to hibernate this summer, you must be careful and wear a high factor suncreen on the face and neck at least.


Want to be on TV?!

April 27, 2009

If you answered ‘YES!’ to the question above and you satisfy the following criteria, then we would like to hear from you!

1. Do you live in or around Manchester?

2. Do you smoke or eat lots of fast food?

3. Are you willing to have your skin analysed?

If you answered yes to all of the above then Channel M and SkinGenesis in Manchester would love you to get in touch. It would take 2 hours max. and would require you to have a therapeutic Expert Skin Analysis. Find out more about the Skin Analysis and if you’re interested in getting your 15 minutes of fame, leave us a comment on this post and we will send you more details.

UV imaging sun damage – anti-ageing treatments

April 27, 2009

Monday 27th April 2009

UV imaging and skin analysis can reveal dark secrets about your skin that you yourself never even knew. Sun damage lies deep underneath the skin, not always visible to the naked eye and that’s where UV image skin analysis can help.

If you have spent years sunbathing in Spain or the Caribbean, or even just here in the UK, and especially if you didn’t religiously wear a sunscreen, you could have damaged your skin without realising.

An expert skin analysis can show up all the damaged areas of your skin under effective UV lighting. The results will not produce the prettiest portrait you’ve ever had, however it will open your eyes to the dangers of the sun and help you realise that you might actually be aging twice as fast as you should be, all in the name of getting that perfect tan!

Do you live near Leeds, Manchester or Chester? If you do, we would like volunteers to have an expert skin analysis carried out for a campaign around Sun Awareness Week. If you’re interested, get in touch with us. There’s no catch, we just need some case studies.

If you’ve always wondered whether the sun has permanently damaged your skin, and want to learn how you can rectify it with anti-ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation, the expert skin analysis may be for you.

Put the SpRiNg back into your skin

April 24, 2009

Friday 24th April 2009

As we quickly push winter out of the door and welcome the sun with open arms, the home might not be the only thing that needs a good spring clean.

Winter-battered skin may also be craving a good revamp after months of bitter cold winds, soaring central heating temperatures and overindulgence in comfort foods.

To help combat winter skin and reinforce weakened defences, Peter Beard has given his top five tips to spring clean your skin and get back a glow that will last all summer long.

Cleanse, dust and replenish

Going back to basics, the three golden rules of cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise still stand.

–        Avoid harsh, alcohol-containing cleansers because the skin will be at its most sensitive after the bitter weather, so you need to maintain as many of its natural oils as possible.

–        Exfoliating twice a week with a gentle scrub or mitt will safely dust away dead cells to reveal fresh, plumper cells that will give you brighter skin.

–        Finally replenish the goodness in dry, cracked skin by using a rich moisturiser that quenches your skin’s thirst. It will also keep pesky wrinkles at bay!

Boost your vitamin intake and exercise – read more about the vitamins your skin needs

Brighten up your skin by following the ACE guide. Vitamins A, C and E all have fantastic effects on the skin and can be found naturally in the foods you eat daily. Retinol is a form of vitamin A, which is good for stimulating cell growth and skin rejuvenation, producing a younger looking skin and has long been associated with helping to repair sun damage to the skin.

Vitamins C and E are powerful anti-oxidants that absorb and protect against free radical damage, which can cause premature aging. Free radicals are caused by exposure to the sun and the processing of carbon to form carbon dioxide. This destroys skin cells including collagen and elastin, consequently affecting the skin’s ability to regenerate.  A rich supply of vitamins C and E will ensure that cells can remain healthy enough to renew themselves.

Regular exercise will also improve blood circulation, which in turn will give you a healthy appearance and benefit the rest of the body.

Give your skin a professional treat

Professional skin treatments, such as microdermabrasion or anti-bacterial skin peels can speed up the process of revealing fresher, more vibrant skin when coupled with your daily skincare routine. Depending on your skin condition and the number of treatments you receive, these can sort out anything from dry skin and fine lines right through to acne treatment, leaving you able to walk in the sun with your head held high.

If you’re on a budget, a face mask on a Sunday evening will replenish the goodness that is zapped out of the skin after the weekly stresses of work and home life.

Drink, drink, drink – read more on the truth about food

Another oldie, but its cheap, accessible and it works. Aiming for eight glasses of water per day can plump out the skin, re-hydrate you and leave you feeling active.

Protect your skin from harmful rays – read more on sun protection

The importance of protecting your skin from the sun’s powerful rays cannot be stressed enough. Even when it appears cloudy or dull, the sun is still out there beaming down on us. Wearing a moisturiser that contains an SPF will help protect the delicate facial skin from premature aging and melanoma. A normal SPF of a minimum factor 15 should also be used on other exposed parts of the body, such as the arms and legs.

Natural targeted fat reduction… an alternative to new diet pill, Orlistat

April 21, 2009

Tuesday 21st April 2009

A new diet pill is available from today in the UK over-the-counter at chemists, however before everyone gets excited and heads off to Boots, you can only obtain the pill with a prescription from your doctor and only as part of a structured dietary regime.

Fat reduction is an alternative to diet pills. See our last post for more details: How to lose fat naturally. As non-surgical cosmetic experts, SkinGenesis provides a specialist treatment for reducing unwanted fat all over the body via the method of Mesotherapy and unlike diet pills, it is available to everyone.

The new diet pill is available from your GP and costs around £50 for a months supply. It is not right for everyone. In fact, it can cause some horrible side effects when not used properly and in conjunction with a specially formulated diet plan.

It works by blocking the absorption of fat in the body, aimed at people with a BMI of 28 or more. You MUST reduce your fat intake otherwise serious side effects can occur. Continuing to eat normal levels of fat whilst taking Orlistat can cause excessive diarrhoea and bad wind – something that could take its toll on your health over a few months, and obviously could prove quite embarrassing in public!

Mesotherapy is a proven method of targeted fat reduction and has limited, if not no adverse side effects whatsoever. Once you’ve had your treatment, you can resume your normal routine immediately and not have to worry about resting or dashing to the loo. Watch Eporex fat reduction mesotherapy on Richard and Judy here.

For more information, leave us a comment below and we’ll reply asap. Alternatively, get our contact details from our website:

How to lose fat: Targeted fat reduction

April 17, 2009

It’s that time of year for new fitness regimes and as people try to lose body fat and shed a few pounds for summer we hear you ask, ‘surely there’s an easier way?’

Gruelling hours at the gym, long jogs in the park, hundreds of sit ups everyday… doesn’t sound like much fun to us and who is to say that all this effort will be worth it in the end?

Targeted Fat Reduction is a clever but natural way to lose fat. It uses a method called mesotherapy, and is particularly effective for losing belly fat. Mesotherapy is a natural treatment that works by introducing concentrated amounts of key minerals and amino acids to targeted parts of the body, all of which occur naturally in the skin. So it doesn’t instigate any unnatural processes to the body, and it’s much safer than going under the knife for a tummy tuck.

So if you want to get rid of fat on the stomach for example, mesotherapy can help smooth, tone and flatten the tummy in just a matter of weeks, making fitting into that slinky bikini more of a reality and less of a dream.

Like any non-surgical cosmetic procedure, targeted fat reduction works best when coupled with a healthy eating and gentle exercise programme. You will see a difference from having smart lipo alone, however a balanced lifestyle in addition to your treatments can boost its effects dramatically.

Diet pills in our opinion are a big no-no. Usually purchased from over the internet, they can be illegal and they’re not regulated by professional health bodies, which can seriously put your health at risk. Silly diets will also effect your health, so whilst you may be thinner, you might not feel your fabulous self.

Natural treatments are the way forward! Have a think about giving mesotherapy a try. At SkinGenesis, we are so confident that it will work that we give all our clients a satisfaction guarantee. Watch on YouTube how targeted fat reduction has benefitted Lewis.

Scar removal treatment – natural or medical?

April 14, 2009

Tuesday 14th April 2009

Scars serve no more purpose than to remind you of the trauma you suffered in receiving the ugly skin blemish in the first place, so if someone was to offer you a scar removal treatment in the form of a new drug, would you take it?

The University of Manchester started the development of a new wonder drug that lessens the appearance of scars, and now a company called Renovo has taken over its development. However scar removal treatments that stimulate natural responses in your skin can be far more effective than any medical treatments.

In the clinical trials of the new drug, volunteers were given a small incision of 1cm, then injected with the new drug at one end of the scar, and with a placebo drug at the other end. Although the drug did appear to reduce the appearance and severity of the scar, it remained visible. Another drawback is that the trials were conducted in a controlled environment, whereas in reality, scars could be a lot more severe, meaning the drug might not work so well.

Microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) and regenerative skin peels can work miracles on scar tissue. No need for new drugs that you may be apprehensive about using, these treatments are completely natural and stimulate your skin to produce effects it normally would do, just much faster!

Scarring can cause unnecessary upset, lack of confidence and can affect anyone of any age. Whether it’s acne scar treatment, or traditional scars caused by falls or injuries, scar removal treatment works on most types of scar.

Binge-tanning causes more cancers in 20-something women

April 9, 2009

Thursday 9th April 2009

Everyday, another woman in her twenties is diagnosed with one of the most serious forms of cancer, malignant melanoma, i.e. skin cancer, and it is believed to be largely due to ‘binge tanning’.

We all love that annual holiday to the Canaries, Caribbean or Greece, where we don the shades, throw on a bikini and lay all day in the sun, reading a book or swimming in the pool. As nice as this may be, overdo it and those two weeks of sun, sea and sand may not seem so blissful if you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with skin cancer.

Most people use sunscreen, however if you opt for the lower factors, such as 4, 8, 10, even 15, we would say you might as well not bother. Factor 25 or above is what we would recommend, and plenty of it too. We know it can be expensive, but you really should slap that stuff on at least every hour and a half in mild sun shine. For the Caribbean and other places nearer the equator the sun is stronger, so you must be extra vigilant with your applications and avoid the sun at peak times. Sunburn alert technology may help in the near future!

Please don’t use oil – even if it claims to have an SPF, you will still fry like a chip and increase your chances of sun damage. It’s not worth it for a few weeks of bronzed skin. There is, afterall, lots of fake tans that give an even tan throughout the year.

It’s also coming up to Sun Awareness Week, lead by the British Association of Dermatologists, making you aware of the potential damage the sun can cause. Read about our work on Sun Awareness Week last year (2008) and look out for what we will be doing this year on 11th – 17th May 2009.

Remember, if you have any strange moles in terms of shape, appearance or flakiness, see a doctor. An Expert Skin Analysis can assess the sun damage to your face by showing you exactly where the damage lies through UV images. Anti ageing treatments can also wind back the clock and combat any damage done so far.

Anti aging treatments save your career

April 6, 2009

Monday 6th April 2009

While the unemployment level continues on a downward spiral, more and more workers are turning to cosmetic  treatments to stay looking their best and to make a mark in the boardroom.

Whether you’re going for a job interview or trying to make your current job more secure, cosmetic treatments, including skin rejuvenation and adult acne treatment, are helping people across the country stay looking great. First impressions count – no doubt about it – and if you are not happy with your skin and appearance, your confidence levels will fall through the floor, making that new job more of a distant dream than ever before.

Confidence gives you energy, stamina, motivation. Without these in the workplace, it’s hard to enjoy your job. Imagine being able to walk into your office looking radiant, glowing so much that people actually comment on how well you look. Good skin will instantly give you that feel-good-factor, which will also reflect in your efforts and hence the quality of work you produce.

Just think, a course of anti-aging treatments might even bag you that promotion you’ve been dreaming of lately. SkinGym is a firm favourite, revealing a younger you in just 40 days and also microdermabrasion and skin peels offer a non-surgical, natural, cheaper alternative than going under the knife.

Read how better skin brings better job prospects here.

Acne Treatments on Facebook… the best advice

April 1, 2009


Friday 1st April 2009

We were going to do an April Fool this morning, but as we’ve read so many in our  inboxes already, we will spare you yet another! Instead we want to tell you about acne treatment on Facebook!

It’s never been easier to seek advice on what is the best acne treatment because by clicking the links to SkinGenesis’ Facebook Pages below, you can ask us anything you like about acne.

We can tell you about all the latest treatments available, such as IPL, microdermabrasion, skin peels and even mesotherapy if it’s really severe. Don’t bury your head and let acne get you down. Leave us a Facebook message today and our expert therapists will get back to you asap. Our treatments are guaranteed to work, leaving you ready to regain your confidence!

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