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Media cancer confusion: Expert Skin Analysis shows sun is deadly

March 31, 2010

A YouGov survey has revealed that over 50% of respondents reported being confused by media reports on the latest cancer scares and things you should avoid consuming to decrease your chance of getting the disease.

In the last few years, I can recall hearing half a dozen cancers off the top of my head – spray deodorants, bacon sandwiches, red meat, Walkers Worcester Sauce flavour crisps, mobile phones, mouthwash… I could go on.

If you took any notice of all these stories that seem to hit the front pages of the papers as *Breaking News*, you would be a nervous wreck and never eat or use anything that’s for sale in the supermarkets.

The BBC website placed an article on this topic recently and featured a spokesperson from World Cancer Research Fund who quite cleverly likened each scientific study that presents these findings to ‘little pieces of evidence’ in a ‘police investigation’.

To avoid mass hysteria on the part of the confused British public, he advised that scientists should be trained to present and articulate their findings in a more concise way, and the media should start to print small disclaimers about the limitations of the study.

One thing that we can confirm is that the sun’s rays definitely pose a risk to the skin. If you have sunbathed unprotected or used sunbeds when you were younger, chances are you’ll have some level of skin damage, particularly on your face.

Many skin clinics offer a free skin analysis to assess the degree of sun damage caused and can advise on the next steps to take to rectify it. We call ours an expert skin analysis which looks at sun damage, moisture content and pH. Very useful stuff to know and well worth it because it’s free!


Fat reduction technique: Eat Seaweed to fight the flab

March 22, 2010

Everyone is always saying how friendly those geordies are, and scientists at Newcastle University would go to the bottom of the ocean and back to help tackle obesity – and guess what?! They have!

Forget swapping your Cadburys for carrot sticks. And ditching your car in favour of the bike every morning. Seaweed could hold the answer to all our prayers when it comes to avoiding obesity.

Seaweed fibres could soon be added to foods that are regularly consumed, such as bread and biscuits, which apparently reduces the body’s fat uptake by up to 75%, which, as the BBC reports, is better than some anti-obesity programmes.

But before you go and get your snorkel, you might want to wait until it’s all tried and tested. The findings are currently in the trial and development process, but we reckon they could be onto a major breakthrough here if successful. How fantastic would it be to know that you’re actually helping your body by eating carb-laden products like bread?!

In the meantime, if you want a fat reduction boost while you’re waiting, why not have a look at mesotherapy? This technique dates back years and was originally developed in Paris. The results speak for themselves and all our clients speak very highly of it. And so do we.

With the summer season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give it a whirl – and then you’ll be in shape to dive in for that seaweed!

Put your neck into it for a plumper pout (anti-ageing)

March 19, 2010

According to the Aesthetics Surgery Centre in Florida, more and more women are opting to ditch the collagen fillers in favour of a more natural pout-plumper – the muscle in their neck.

It’s the latest procedure to take the cosmetic surgery world by storm, and this group of surgeons say they’ve so far had great results in about 25 patients who wish to look more youthful.

It’s no secret that a plumper pout can take you back a few years, because everyone knows that the lips thin with age. But a lip graft by extracting some muscle in your neck? It certainly makes us go all queasy!

There are so many anti-ageing options out there at the moment, and people are finally ‘getting it’ that surgery is not the only option.

Muscle relaxants, like Botox, and non-permanent injectable dermal fillers far outweigh surgical options and remain the best anti-wrinkle treatment. Gentle peptide peels can also work wonders on fine lines and to get smoother skin texture.

Even LuLu is with us on this one – we heard her on the radio and on saw her on the Alan Titchmarch show this week plugging her new book and spreading the word about non-surgical anti-ageing treatment options. And you have to admit, LuLu looks amazing for her age!

Bare Skin Awards…And the winners are…

March 15, 2010

Congratulations to the winners of the Bare Skin Awards at the weekend, sponsored by SkinGenesis at the grand final of TOP MODEL UK.

The winners:

Helen Macgregor

Felicity Mason & Rachelle Mooney

Gillian MacPherson

It was a weekend packed full of fashion, beauty, glitz and glamour and we had a tough job judging this award category. Helen, Felicity, Rachelle and Gillian we’re all awarded this prestigious prize for their fantastic natural skin tone and clarity.

Each contestant received:

*The NEW SkinGenesis skin maintenance programme for 12 months.
*Professional Photoshoot with Andrew Collier Photography
*Youngblood mineral makeup gift pack – the favourite celebrity make-up brand!

Welldone everyone!

Alcohol helps you lose weight? We’re not so sure

March 9, 2010

Latest news reports state that moderate drinking of red wine is likely to help you lose weight and reduce fat, but with each small glass totalling around 120 calories – is it really worth the risk?

In recent years we’ve had it drilled into us that drinking alcohol puts on weight, that it’s fattening and basically quite bad for your health. But then we’ve also been told that drinking like they do on the continent – the odd small glass with a meal or in the evening – can actually be quite beneficial…

We don’t know about you, but we’re a bit confused. And drinking wine would certainly not be on the top of our ‘most effective weightloss methods’ list! We predict that most people (i.e. those outside of the controlled conditions of any piece of research) would probably just gain weight and be more unhappy with their size than when they started.

It was also acknowledged that the results of the research would also have been affected by individuals’ lifestyle choices, such as exercise and diet.

We don’t think there’s anything more effective than good old fashioned exercise for losing weight, either down the gym or running round a park, as well as making healthy choices when it comes to which foods you eat. The occasional treat is fine – even wine! Just as long as you do everything in moderation. And if you want to be certain of shifting some fat – perhaps for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion – mesotherapy fat reduction treatments can work wonders!

Mesotherapy fat reduction treatments - before and after

Overweight couple take on radical fat reduction in order to fly

March 2, 2010

An overweight couple from Southampton have dramatically lost over 210lbs after being told to move on a flight to spread out their weight, the BBC reports.

Alan and Jan Coupe decided to take on their biggest weightloss challenge yet after being told to switch seats on a flight from Southampton to Guernsey to balance out the weight. Embarrassed and slightly horrified, this was the push that was needed to kick start Alan and Jan’s new, slimmer life.

And they say they couldn’t be happier! They can now see the reasons why airlines decide to charge additional levies on additional weight – and not just for an extra suitcase. Jan says she would urge other people who may currently struggle with their weight to get the help they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Watch their video at the link above.

Many of our clients at SkinGenesis approach us for help in shifting their excess weight, and through a tried and tested fat reduction method called mesotherapy, our results are outstanding and just keep getting better. The before and after shots of one of our clients shows just how dramatic the effects can be (Top tip: apply fake tan to accentuate the weightloss!):

Fat reduction treatment, before and after