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‘Too macho’ to not seek acne treatment?

October 31, 2008

Friday 31st October 2008

‘Beauty’… ‘Beauty’… yes that word has quite a girly ring to it doesn’t it? So for all you men out there, let’s call it ‘exterior maintenance’. Yes, that’s much more manly. ‘Exterior maintenance’.

I was surprised last night, as I sat doing a pub quiz with my friends, at how many of the lads don’t have a daily skincare routine. One even said he was ‘too macho’ to care about his skin. The truth is that teenagers, women and men suffer from acne, and for some people it can be a real problem. Facial4Men talk about this subject and bring up the very good point of using special cleansers and eating well, but what if that doesn’t work?

If you have been searching for years to find that miracle treatment, whether it’s a topical cream or a medicinal drug, you might have found that none of them work, or at least they do, but their effects are short-lived.

Maybe it is time to try a new type of acne treatment, such as those in the SkinGenesis clinics? We tailor an advanced combination programme suitable for your skin and degree of acne or scarring. For example, we might combine powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments with anti-bacterial peels with microdermabrasion to unblock pores and stimulate healthy skin renewal. Take a look  for more info and to see real before and after pictures, I think you’ll be quite amazed at the results!

Guys you’ve got nothing to lose really, as we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s how confident we are in these treatments! Time to start thinking about that ‘exterior maintenance’…

Leave a comment below and our skincare expert Peter will get back to you in no time with some great advice.


Dull Day… time for a chemical peel

October 31, 2008

Friday 31st October 2008

It’s a real struggle feeling positive sometimes. Today is a good example. Cold enough for igloo construction yet no snow. The news seems to have been specially selected from the most miserable stories, and it is gray, wet and windy when I wander out.

So I’m going to have a chemical peel. A chemical skin peel really does lift the spirits. I used to be addicted to microdermabrasion but now I’m a bit older my predilection is definately for peels. A peel will remove all the dead skin on the surface, get rid of all the accumulated grot from the environment and unblock those pores. My skin starts to breathe again and feels fresh and vibrant, it never fails to make me feel really good. It’s not surprising really. The skin is the body’s biggest organ and most of it we keep well covered up this time of year leaving the face and hands as the only bits exposed to mother nature. It follows that if you keep this skin in good condition you are going to feel the benefits.

Three minds are better than one!

October 30, 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

Just so you know, there are three of us writing here on the SkinGenesis blog, because we think the more minds the better! We want to give you the best information and advice on all things to do with skin, cosmetic surgery and general beauty questions, so if you do have any questions for us, fire away! We’re more than happy to help!

One question I got asked the other day was how to determine which products are right for your skin. It’s getting to that time of year where everyone, especially women, are writing their Christmas lists to Santa and hoping they’ll get some of the more expensive moisturisers and luxurious make up – you know, the things you don’t usually buy from your own pay packet because it simply costs too much!

Our advice here would be to really get to know your skin. The beauty counters in Debenhams, such as Clinique offer advice there and then, whether you have oily, dry or comination skin etc. If you really want an expert’s take on what you should be using, it might be worth looking into a more thorough analysis – particularly if you have problem skin.

SkinGenesis for example is currently offering a free Expert Skin Analysis which determines your skin’s pH, moisture content and any sun damage, so you can be sure you’re using the right ingredients on your skin. Using products that don’t complement your skin can cause problems in the long run anyway, so it might be worth checking out, plus this service will usually cost you £100, so it’s a bargain really!

Eating with the seasons

October 30, 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

Did you read Hayley’s post “Lazy Living Cuts Life Expectancy by 14 Years”?  We’ve all heard the ‘better diet, more exercise’ advice before – but what if you could combine the 2?!

We developed a couple of theories(!) in the early days of SkinGenesis that a lot of modern health problems are down to people not eating ‘seasonally’, and that food was being ruined by over-processing.  Read our Seasonal Lifestyle Eating Plan for the reasons behind the theories and some practical advice.

If you’ve got a  bit of time – and a garden/ allotment – growing your own veg achieves the twin goals of gentle exercise and a supply of seasonal, unprocessed food.  Bingo!  But at least walking to the shops and taking care to pick local produce will achieve the same thing….

Let me know your favourite seasonal food and any tips for growing your own!

Money for you or for charity

October 30, 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

I hope you are enjoying the SkinGenesis blog.  It’s a great place to meet and share interests, but what if you could write about your passions and earn money?  Well, there is a place to do this and it’s called Squidoo.  A cross between a blog and collection of simple web pages Squidoo currently has 700,000 pages and if you join in that will make 700,001!  The site carries advertising and affiliate links and a proportion of the money raised goes to charity, or to you – you choose! 

As they say, “everyone’s Squidooing it”, and I’ve started to make some pages (they call them ‘lenses’) as a shop window for SkinGenesis.  But you could make a lens about halloween costumes, or 13th century suits of armour, and people will find you in Squiddoo!  It’s a lot simpler than having your own website – it costs nothing to set up, and it could earn you money.

To get the idea, have a look at my lenses – and please leave comments and give a star rating – and above all, join in and share your passions!

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Metal implants the next big thing!

October 29, 2008

Wednesday 29 October 2008

If you’ve been thinking about having cosmetic surgery recently you might be interested to know that doctors are on the verge of making a major breakthrough with breast enlargement procedures.


With a proportion of women who undergo this surgery suffering from bad reactions to the very fabric of the procedure, silicone, doctors are trialling the effects of metal coatings around the implants to lessen the risk of a reaction. revealed that a microscopic layer of titanium, widely used in hip replacement surgery, will mean that body tissues come into contact with the metal instead of the silicone.


It has so far been trialled on around 80 women in Australia and so far, so good. But they have another 2920 women to go, so watch this space for the results of the study. We always like to think it’s wise to wait until things are a bit more tried and tested before steaming in there, so until we know whether metal boobs are a success or fail, it might be worth considering non-surgical options, which can have a more subtle and gradual effect, such as breast firming techniques. These are purely natural and lift and tone the breasts, giving a sense of enlargement, without a scalpel in sight.


What do you think of metal-coated breast implants?! Will it be a hit or a miss?

Lazy living cuts life expectancy by 14 years!

October 27, 2008

Monday 27th October 2008

There’s a lot to be said about this ‘healthy living’ malarky, and research by the University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council in Norfolk has found that by introducing simple changes to your lifestyle, you can add up to 14 years to your life expectancy!

We live in a world where everything can be solved with a pill or a quick lunchtime nip and tuck, but when it comes to living longer, it takes a little more effort and in our opinion, an extra 14 years is nothing to sniff at!

The usual suspects such as alcohol, tobacco and junk food are obvious factors to cut down on, whilst taking the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals and go out for a light jog are things more of us should be doing as part of our daily routine. Modern living has made us lazy and less motivated, and shifting towards a more balanced lifestye will actually give us more energy to be able to enjoy it a bit more, and who knows, we might even get a few extra years thrown in for good measure?!

Have caution with surgeons abroad

October 24, 2008

Friday 24th October 2008

More and more people who are thinking of going under the knife are contemplating going overseas to take advantage of the dramatically lower prices than here in the UK. But what do you value most – your happiness, health and wellbeing or a few measly pounds?

Having cosmetic surgery is not a quick decision, and if you are thinking about it, it’s so important to do your research and really get to know your potential surgeon. Sure there are some reputable clinics abroad, but there are also many rogue practices.

Firstly, you must find out all you can about the clinic, how many patients they’ve had, what they had done, success rates, are they registered with an approriate regulating body – it’s also a good idea to go and visit the clinic before you make any decisions. Spending money on an extra trip would save you from a lifetime of misery if things went wrong. It sounds stupid, but making sure you and your surgeon speak a common language is also very important to ensure clear communication and so they can inform you of any risks.

Everyone loves a bargain, but it’s only a bargain if it’s successful. Investigate whether the clinic offers any follow up health-checks, warranties etc. To read about this from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, please click here, and feel free to discuss amongst yourselves below.

Acne treatment from within

October 23, 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008

A frequently overlooked aspect of managing acne is getting yourself into the correct mental state. Positive thinking involves having clearly visualised goals and being able to achieve a state of confidence so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Goals should always be positive. They must also be realistic and you must want and be able to visualise them strongly and clearly. Visualising goals is very important as it focuses the mind on where you want to be, and with that focus comes motivation and confidence.

Nobody has absolutely perfect skin, not even the stars! Once motivated your skin care routine will cease to be a chore and become something you want to do, which really improves results when treating acne. 90% of our acne treatment clients at SkinGenesis overestimate the severity of their acne when they first come for treatment, which shows that other people probably don’t even notice it!

Wrinkle treatment Jargon Busting!

October 22, 2008

Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Well, it’s two weeks since we posted the poll on our homepage and the results have been very interesting indeed. When asked if you knew what one or more of the following words meant – Penta-Peptides, Coenzyme Q10, Proxylane, Marine Bio-Peptides, Pro-Retinol A – a whopping 89% of you said no! Which shows that most people feel confused when buying anti aging creams.  Hopefully our clinic wrinkle treatment is easier to understand.

In fact, some companies even make names up to make them sound more medical, such as ‘derma-ceutical’. They really do this to cover their own backs and keep sales high, because if they were to give it a wholly medical term, chances are they would have to sell it behind the counter in pharmacies, making it less accessible to you.

Confused? Don’t worry, you can read more about mind-boggling wrinkle creams, and you’ll also find a handy little wrinkle treatment jargon buster too to help explain what the words mean! i-Village have also given tips on what to eat to keep those crows feet at bay!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll!