Hot pants cellulite treatment ‘melts away’ fat


Thursday 7th May 2009

‘Spanky pants’ are all the rage for when you want to fake that hourglass figure, but what if we told you that the latest cellulite treatment consists of a pair of similar knickers that actually reduce orange peel skin?

That’s what SCALA claim anyway, the manufacturers of the revolutionary pants. They start from £25 and contain special micro-crystals that stimulate the circulation and cell metabolism around the stomach, thighs and hips, ‘melting’ the fat cells that cause the cellulite into a liquid to reveal a smoother appearance.

But does it last?

The straight answer. No. In fact a doctor has actually said that better results would be achieved with a healthier diet and regular exercise. There are many ‘miracle products’ claiming to do this sort of thing, but we have yet to find one that works. It wasn’t long ago that Miss Sixty launched some cellulite-busting jeans, only to be told not to make this claim because in fact it didn’t do what it said on the tin!

As with any other cellulite treatment, the pants might be worth a whirl, however if you want real, long lasting results, it might be better to invest your money into something like mesotherapy cellulite treatment. Initially it will be a little more expensive, but you have to weigh this up with the results. Thinking about how much you spend on cellulite lotions, potions and pants in a year, this will probably add up to the cost of mesotherapy anyway!

Read about our new cellulite treatment, SmoothShapes here – only available in the UK at SkinGenesis in Chester:

We provide cellulite treatment in Leeds, Manchester and Chester.

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