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Women still buying premium skin treatments, despite recession

June 3, 2010

Women are still saving enough money to treat themselves to the little luxuries in life that keep them looking good, latest stats have shown.

Even in a recession, women like to maintain their appearance meaning that beauty products and premium skin treatments are the last things to go when cutting costs.

Peter Beard, director of treatments at SkinGenesis said: “It’s not surprising that women are still investing their money wisely into maintaining good skin and hair. With today’s stressful lifestyles, achieving great skin is particularly harder and more time consuming and perseverance is key. Once you’ve invested in achieving a balanced skin, it’s very difficult to then stop spending money on it and end back at square one.

“In today’s world everyone likes to look good, because when you look good, you feel good. Many of our clients who come to us for skin and body treatments report higher levels of confidence once they have their problems under control, so I think it’s about making sure you budget properly and try to ensure that you still have the time and money to give yourself an occasional beauty treat.”

The Guardian recently noted that Habia, the government-appointed standard setting body for the hair and beauty industry, reported a 10 – 20% drop in hair salon spending, which indicates that people are still visiting salons, just less often. This helps people avoid unnecessary trips for a new ‘do’ and makes their money go further.

Whilst its easier to go to the shops and buy a quick fix treatment for acne or wrinkles for example, professional skin treatments will always yield better results and are far more worth the money you pay for them.

(Read the Guardian’s article here:


Acne treatment update from Top Model award winner

May 26, 2010

Aspiring model and Miss England Cheshire finalist Naomi Heap gives an update on how the SkinGenesis acne treatment programme has helped her achieve her career ambitions.

Through a personalised programme of microdermabrasion, IPL, skin peels and effective adult acne home products, Naomi’s skin is looking clearer, smoother and more radiant than ever before.

Got acne? Book your complimentary expert skin analysis now in Leeds, Manchester or Chester.

Top model Naomi’s acne treatment mission

February 12, 2010

Friday 12th February 2010

Ready for the catwalk

Model Naomi Heap is preparing for what could be her big break in the fashion industry, Top Model UK

With her long dark hair, distinct features and a dream to hit the catwalks, there was just one thing that stood in her way – acne – and the need for an effective acne treatment.

After sailing through her audition on the premise that she ‘sorted out her skin’, Naomi made it her mission to sort out her stubborn spots and blemishes once and for all, before the final of this prestigious national competition.

Naomi said: “As you can imagine, in such a competitive industry, it’s vital that you have great skin. After searching on the internet for an affordable skin specialist, I approached SkinGenesis as they offered exactly what I was looking for – effective adult acne treatments. The medication I was on helped, but it didn’t achieve half as much as I wanted it to, and progress was slow, so I booked in for a consultation with Deborah, the clinic manager in Chester.

“She put together a bespoke skin treatment package that would treat both my remaining active acne, as well as the existing scars caused from previous blemishes. We started off with an Expert Skin Analysis, which determined my skin type, moisture content, sun damage and pH, which have helped me choose the right products for my skin. I have since undergone several courses of Microdermabrasion to get rid of all the dead skin cells and avoid further breakouts, as well as one IPL treatment.

“I have also received a gentle vitamin C skin peel, which has benefitted my skin dramatically. I was a bit of a tan-fan in my younger years and used the sunbeds quite a lot!

“All in all I am very happy with the progress we’ve made. By the time the competition comes around, I’m very confident that my skin will be as perfect as it possibly could be.”

Read Naomi’s full blog entry on her adult acne treatment here.

Naomi's acne before treatment

Naomi's skin after treatment

Amanda Holden is all for non-surgical cosmetic treatments

January 19, 2010

Tuesday 19th January 2010

Amanda Holden has acted as the latest endorsement for non-surgical cosmetic treatments following a brief interview with the Guardian.

Holden said she would never have cosemtic surgery due to having a skin complaint that makes her over-produce scar tissue – however with so many brilliant non-surgical, natural treatments available, without the risk of scarring, why would you want to go through the pain of going under the knife?

She is known to have had Botox in the past and she thoroughly supports our ethos of making people feel good about themselves.

So whether it’s acne treatment, thread vein removal or skin rejuvenation, you can now get rid of all your blemishes without worrying about unwanted side effects, scarring or having time off work.

Reputable companies like SkinGenesis will also provide a treatment guarantee, which means that if you don’t see results within the advised programme time-frame, you’ll be given extra treatments until you do!

Severe adult acne sorted with Dermaquest acne treatment

January 14, 2010

Thursday 14th January 2010

We would like you to meet Fiona from Ireland, who came to SkinGenesis in a desperate bid to clear up her severe adult acne once and for all – and after 12 years of battling the condition, she has finally succeeded!

Fiona Before and After Acne Treatment

We are always amazed at the results we get from our Dermaquest adult acne treatment, and Fiona’s results (shown in the before and after images above) are living proof that acne should not be holding you back.

Watch her video clip below and see what this fantastic acne treatment can do for you.

Style tips – and skin treatments – for single girls

December 14, 2009

Monday 14th December 2009

Trinny and Susannah have been on the prowl again, telling nearly 100 single girls What Not to Wear if you’re looking for love.

While those two fashion gurus may be best placed to tell you how you should be filling your wardrobe, there’s no better people than us at SkinGenesis to tell you how to achieve perfect skin in a bid to bag ‘the one’ this Christmas!

Take a look at all our expert skin treatments we can provide at our website,

If adult acne is holding you back, microdermabrasion, skin peels or IPL might be in order. If you’re worried about wrinkles and fine lines you might want to consider SkinGym. Or just feeling a bit dull and want to be refreshed? Try SkinSpa!

Meanwhile, watch the gladrags duo give 93 Bridget Jones’s a grilling at the link below!

Protect your skin from the cold wind

November 23, 2009

Monday 23rd November 2009

The winds have been raging all over the UK this weekend and prolonged exposure to this ice-cold element can leave the skin feeling chapped and raw.

Throw in a bit of central heating too and your skin won’t know whether it’s coming or going and will simply go into overdrive! You might find you end up with dry, flaky skin, or maybe you’ll have a acne breakout… either way it won’t be very pleasant, that’s for sure.

So what can you do to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather?

  • Firstly, you NEED to invest in a good quality moisturiser, a non-comedogenic one, which means it doesn’t block the pores. We’d recommend using products from the Dermalogica skin care range, so you can be sure that your skin will always be protected and in tip top condition.
  • Remove all traces of make-up before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are. By doing so, you can ensure that your pores are free of any bacteria.
  • Hydrate! Starting by drinking lots of water. Aiming for 6-8 glasses of water every day will help to ensure that your skin retains its ‘plumpness’ and doesn’t get too dry. The occasional cup of tea can also be very good for you as it has excellent anti-oxidant properties.
  • See whether there are any professional skin treatments that can help revive the skin. Chemical skin peels are perfect for the party season and microdermabrasion works by effectively removing the dead cells that sit on the surface of the skin. Both are greatanti-ageing treatments and a good acne treatment. The SkinGenesis SkinSpa menu offers convenient single-session treatments that work and is designed to refresh the skin.

Do you have any top tips for gorgeous winter skin? Post them below!

Adult acne treatment – does green tea help?

July 24, 2009

Friday 24th July 2009

Adult acne can be the bane of many people’s lives. A University of Miami study has found evidence for the use of green tea bags as an adult acne treatment… we’re are not so sure.

We’re all aware of the medical v natural remedy argument and both probably have their merits. Anti-biotics prescribed by a doctor can no doubt help acne, however it can often be months and months until you see an improvement. The study here saw volunteers apply green tea lotion to their adult acne and also drink green tea and apply strained tea bags to the affected areas.

Due to its antioxidant properties the green tea method was reported to have improved the skin by around 40% over two months. We don’t think that this is much of an improvement when you compare it to the more modern methods of adult acne treatment.

IPL, microdermasion and skin peels can all offer an effective, yet natural means of eradicating acne and keeping further outbreaks at bay. With a few visits to a registered skincare clinic like SkinGenesis, you can be acne-free in a matter of weeks. Everyone’s acne problem is different too, so a tailored programme of treatments and ‘at home’ kits are put together to make sure you get exactly what you expect.

Watch a microdermabrasion demonstration here, and take a look at our before and after pictures of our adult acne treatment.

Before Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

Before Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

After Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

After Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis - Before & After

Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis - Before & After

Middle aged and needing adult acne treatment

November 10, 2008

Monday 10th November 2008

Acne is largely, and wrongly, associated with being a teenager, and yes most teens do suffer from breakouts when they’re growing up. But when you’re in your mid thirties, even fourties, and still suffering from acne, it  can really take its toll and get people down.

If you are one of these people, you’re probably thinking, ‘why me?’, ‘i’m too old for this’ or ‘why doesn’t it just go away?’… the truth is, adult acne can strike at any time and there are many myths surrounding the subject that are simply not true, such as poor diet and bad hygiene, as well as the common thought that it’s just for teenagers. Largely it’s due to a hormone imbalance.

Read Dr Trisha McNair’s advice from the BBC website, in response to a 33 year old woman suffering from this very problem. There are all sorts of treatments available for all ages, including prescription topical creams, the oral contraceptive pill and other oral medications designed specifically to target acne. There is also an alternative non-medical adult acne treatment which can have dramatic results and has been a huge hit with SkinGenesis clients.