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Avoid having skin treatment by avoiding celeb diets

August 17, 2009

Monday 17th August 2009

Cigarettes, coffee, vodka and champagne. This is what Kate Moss lives on. Supposedly the ‘normal’ celebrity/model diet.

If this was in fact true, no amount of airbrushing or Botox could disguise the sorry state that their skin would be in and i can’t even begin to list all the skin treatment they would need. Smoking, alcohol and too much caffeine – it’s the perfect recipe for a skin disaster!

It’s well known that models live on minimal amounts of food and the party lifestyle that comes part and parcel with the job means drinking and smoking are second nature, but if that’s all they lived on they would look like complete monsters!

Smoking causes premature aging of the skin, resulting in deep set wrinkles and dull, thirsty skin. Alcohol also zaps out any trace of moisture in the skin and can leave it looking yellowed and tired.

That’s why we promote a balanced healthy lifestyle. People say that smoking stops them from eating so much, we don’t believe that and we also don’t think the effects it has on the skin are worth the few half pounds of weight you might not gain.

Drink water, not alcohol. Eat fruit and vegetables, instead of smoking a cigarette. Treat yourself to the occasional cream cake, but don’t overindulge. And finally, last but not least, certainly don’t believe everything you read in celebrity magazines!


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The menace of secondhand smoke!

November 14, 2008

Friday 14th November

If there is one thing i have grown to hate since the smoking ban it is breathing in other people’s secondhand smoke. When i was 18 i used to work in a bar, so i somehow grew to tolerate it. But now we have clean air inside the bars and indoor public areas, I can’t bare people smoking around me.

Not only does it make me feel ill, i can feel it soaking into my freshly washed hair and being absorbed by my already sensitive skin. The reason i’m having this rant is because for the past five mornings, a boy has joined me at the bus stop with his cheap fags, which he buys daily,  breathing his smoke all over me. They also smell stronger and more rancid than most brands, that’s how i know they are cheap. Sure he’s outside, but while he’s smoking under the bus shelter, the smoke just accumulates under there and holds stagnant for everyone else to share!

I could ask him to move down the path a little, although i found it much more satisfying to cough and splutter and put my scarf over my mouth and nose to make a point. I just think people should be more considerate when choosing their outdoor areas to smoke and to make sure it is well ventilated and not two feet away from the non-smoker next to you!

He can do whatever he likes to his skin, but i don’t appreciate his 4000 chemicals and 200 poisons, being inflicted on mine. Secondhand smoke contains formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and around 43 carcinogens and when faced with this every morning, i’m going to look 50 before i even hit 25! Not to mention the potential health problems…

Rant over!