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‘Fat friends’ means overweight you… targeted fat reduction

July 31, 2009

Friday 31st July 2009

The latest research from the University of Hawaii, USA has revealed a link between obesity and social circles.

In a nutshell, it suggests that people who have overweight friends tend to gain weight more easily themselves, taking on each others habits until it forms some kind of weight problem like obesity.

When we socialise with the same people regularly, it’s only natural that we adopt the same behavioural patterns as each other, and if that is eating indulgent foods and dining out, it’s also natural that we put on weight! There’s no science to it at all!

Summer however is the time when people think about kick starting a fitness regime, but many people will tell you that intense sessions at the gym don’t last for long and it soon becomes a bit of a chore. If cheating is more your thing, coupled with a bit of light exercise everyday, just so you don’t feel guilty, maybe you should consider mesotherapytargeted fat reduction.

But don’t ditch your mates just yet. Losing weight CAN be fun and can become a social thing that you all enjoy. Supporting and encouraging each other in your weight loss can keep you motivated and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone. What’s more, at SkinGenesis we run a ‘refer a friend scheme’, which provides all of you with discount off your mesotherapy treatments.

Even the men are doing it. Take a look at our client Lewis’s testimonial:


Newsflash! Sunbeds ‘definitively cause cancer’

July 29, 2009


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has just announced that sunbeds are ‘definitively carcinogenic to humans’… in layman’s terms, sunbeds can cause cancer. This has advanced from ‘probably being carcinogenic’, so the warning should not be ignored.

Our advice: Don’t use them! Be safe and use fake tan, or go against the norm and be an English rose!

Choosing the right wrinkle treatment for your skin

July 29, 2009

Wednesday 29th July 2009

Choosing the right wrinkle treatment for your skin can be one of the most important health choices you will make.

Basically, aside from going under the knife, there are two types of anti-ageing treatments that work naturally with your skin:

  1. Botox and dermal fillers
  2. Skin resurfacing and collagen-boosting techniques

Botox and Dermal Fillers

These are the most invasive treatments that we provide at SkinGenesis, however the way we offer the treatments ensures that they fit with our general ethos of providing treatments that work with the skin to avoid complications or odd-looking faces!

Botox, when administered by a fully qualified and experienced doctor, can be a wonderful remedy for wrinkles and sagging skin. Working as a muscle relaxant, Botox prevents the facial muscles from pulling the skin around in directions that make it wrinkle. Results are instant, but it’s worth noting that Botox wears off within up to six months, so more treatments will be needed. Read more on botox

The dermal fillers we offer are temporary fillers, which place hyaluronic acid (a naturally occuring substance in the body that decreases with age)  in problem areas of the face. This magically attracts water to the area, resulting in plumper, more youthful skin. We do not offer permanent dermal fillers because once they’re injected, they’re there to stay, forever! All dermal fillers treat the symptoms of ageing, meaning the skin still continues to age and move. The problem therefore with permanent fillers is that they remain in the same place as the skin moves south, creating a distorted and rather odd appearance. Temporary fillers wear off as the skin continues to age, so are much safer!

Skin resurfacing and collagen-boosting techniques

If you’re looking for a longer term treatment that addresses the cause of wrinkles, instead of just the immediate ‘quick-fixes’, you might want to consider the more natural skin resurfacing and collagen-boosting skin rejuvenation treatments that are available.

These work by retraining the skin to think it is 25 again through tissue remodelling. By restoring its health and elasticity these techniques give the skin a certain youthful thickness which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

The treatments are entirely natural and non invasive and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to give your skin strength and resilience.

SkinGym anti-ageing is a firm favourite with clients – promising younger skin within 40 days. It is an intense programme, so if you fancy taking it a bit slower, you could take a look at the SkinSpa menu too.

Ask any wrinkle questions here and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Permanent hair removal for men – the best a man can get!

July 27, 2009

Monday 27th July 2009

Gillette have launched some great macho ‘beauty’ videos for men, the first of which advises ‘how to shave your groin’:

WHAT?!! I hear most men say. Shaving? The groin?! Surprisingly, there is quite a large market for hair removal for men.

As more and more men become increasingly conscious about looking good, particularly those who are heading to the beach this summer, we have witnessed an influx of men looking for the perfect hair removal solution…

Introducing, INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) TREATMENT – the best (permanent hair removal treatment) a man can get! (Get it?!)

There’s no risk of razor burn, cuts, scrapes or ingrown hairs – in fact it’s the easiest method of male hair removal around and no one ever need know about it!

Without boring you too much with all the science, IPL delivers short bursts of light energy to the skin, which heat up the hair follical, making it incapable of further growth.

So don’t waste precious time trying to shave safely and think about having IPL. Results can be permanent, meaning you can get on with worrying about more important holiday issues like enjoying a summer beer, swimming in the pool and impressing the ladies!

Adult acne treatment – does green tea help?

July 24, 2009

Friday 24th July 2009

Adult acne can be the bane of many people’s lives. A University of Miami study has found evidence for the use of green tea bags as an adult acne treatment… we’re are not so sure.

We’re all aware of the medical v natural remedy argument and both probably have their merits. Anti-biotics prescribed by a doctor can no doubt help acne, however it can often be months and months until you see an improvement. The study here saw volunteers apply green tea lotion to their adult acne and also drink green tea and apply strained tea bags to the affected areas.

Due to its antioxidant properties the green tea method was reported to have improved the skin by around 40% over two months. We don’t think that this is much of an improvement when you compare it to the more modern methods of adult acne treatment.

IPL, microdermasion and skin peels can all offer an effective, yet natural means of eradicating acne and keeping further outbreaks at bay. With a few visits to a registered skincare clinic like SkinGenesis, you can be acne-free in a matter of weeks. Everyone’s acne problem is different too, so a tailored programme of treatments and ‘at home’ kits are put together to make sure you get exactly what you expect.

Watch a microdermabrasion demonstration here, and take a look at our before and after pictures of our adult acne treatment.

Before Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

Before Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

After Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

After Adult Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis

Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis - Before & After

Acne Treatment at SkinGenesis - Before & After

Non surgical facelift – all the benefits, without the knife

July 22, 2009

Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Dreaming of having a facelift but don’t want to go under the knife? Well now you don’t have to with our fabulous non-surgical facelift.

We all know that our skin loses its elasticity and resilience over time and a surgical facelift does nothing to address this issue and works simply by tightening the skin. A non-surgical facelift works by restoring the fitness and health of facial skin, retraining it to produce collagen and regain its plumpness and youthful appearance.

Skin rejuvenation treatments that tackle the causes of skin problems will always work better than a quick fix on something that’s already happened. Going under the knife does nothing to slow the aging process, therefore even after you’ve had surgery, your skin continues to sag, droop and wrinkle.

A non-surgical facelift is the natural alternative to the dramatic, extreme and painful surgical option. Regaining a more youthful you over time, rather than overnight will also be less noticable to other people and when people start to tell you, ‘You look well’… that’s when you’ll feel fabulous!

A combination of microdermabrasion, intense pulsed light and regenerative peels underpin the non surgical facelift and can bring visible results fast. Your skin tone will be better, you’ll look more relaxed and fine lines and wrinkles will be less obvious. This is called tissue remodelling and is one of the best natural anti-ageing treatments available.

Facial hair removal has never been more simple

July 20, 2009

Monday 20th July 2009

Excess, unwanted hair on the face can be an embarrassing problem, however facial hair removal has never been simpler thanks to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatment.

Whether you have a bit too much hair across the top of the lip, or a few noticable longer hairs around the chin area, facial hair removal treatments can give you a smoother, hair-free face and its results are long-lasting.

See what Kuldeep has to say about her hair removal treatments:

Facial hair can arise during pregnancy and due to other hormone imbalances, for example when using HRT. If you are pregnant, you will not be given treatment, however in most other cases, treatment is very simple. It is worth noting that IPL doesn’t work on red, white or grey hair, however most unwanted hair is darker, hence why it causes such a problem.

IPL, often called laser facial hair removal, works by the therapist placing the machine on the affected area to deliver bursts of light from the IPL machine, which heat the hair follicles and make the root incapable of further hair growth. You may need several treatments because IPL only eradicates those hairs that are in the growth stage.

If you are worried or embarrassed by you facial hair and are sick of waxing and bleaching, we do offer a confidential consulation to everyone to assess whether you are compatible with the treatment. There’s absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the treatment, and is available to those who live near or can travel to Leeds, Manchester or Chester for treatment.

Skin care: UK spends £1.1 billion a month on makeup

July 15, 2009

Wednesday 15th July 2009

Latest statistics from a poll by Avon reveal that UK women collectively spend over £1.1 billion PER MONTH on make-up… one question we have is how much money are people spending on skin care?

It’s all well and good spending money on looking good, but taking care of your skin before any cosmetics are applied is key to achieving a natural look with your make-up.

Too many women paste on the foundation, concealers and powders everyday to cover up their imperfections, only to neglect their skin in the evening by not removing it properly. This can result in problem skin and blemishes, such as acne, oily skin and dry skin.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising on a daily basis is a quick way to ensure that the skin remains healthy, and a once-a-month or bi-monthly skin treatment will ensure that the outer layers of the skin keep renewing themselves thoroughly, giving you the healthy, balanced and glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Mineral make-up is also the way forward when it comes to cosmetics. Forget the cheap, gunky make-up that you say is ‘for everyday use’… stop saving the best stuff for special occasions and start wearing it all the time. Mineral make-up can be slightly more expensive than normal cosmetics, however with no harsh chemicals or colours to wreck your skin, mineral make-up provides a natural way to stay looking gorgeous, while keeping your skin in tip-top condition.

Jane Iredale has a fantastic mineral make up range out, which is actually good for the skin and lets it breathe. Used widely in the TV and film industry it also gives great coverage, as well as caring for the skin.

If we’re spending £1.1 billion on cosmetics anyway, we might as well make sure we’re spending it wisely on products that are going to benefit our skin, rather than cause more problems!

Let us know what you use on your skin here

Permanent hair reduction selling like hot cakes!

July 13, 2009

Monday 13th July 2009

Permanent hair removal is proving extremely popular this summer with scores of women booking in for their underarms, legs and bikini lines zapping with our IPL machine.

Unwanted hair can be a real pain for women, and men, all year round, not just ahead of the summer holidays. Shaving is tedious, waxing excruciating and sugaring, well, too faffy.

Long lasting hair removal can in the long term be permanent, and it can be months instead of weeks before you need another treatment. One word of warning, you cannot expect to be hair-free after just one or two treatments. You will need a programme of treatments over time for best results and then you will need the occasional treatment to maintain your hair and ensure you keep those persistent few hairs at bay.

Stick with it and you will definitely see fantastic results!

Smoothshapes Cellulite Treatment gets thumbs up from volunteer on GMTV

July 6, 2009

Cellulite treatment has come on leaps and bounds and we’re proud to have our very own SmoothShapes Cellulite treatment machine at SkinGenesis Chester giving you another way to tighten, tone and reduce the orange peel effect!

We’ve all heard the stats that 85% of women will develop cellulite at some point in their life.  The good news is that the SmoothShapes treatment gets great results so you no longer have to live with it!

You can watch the review with Lorraine Kelly on GMTV by going to the SkinGenesis channel.  While you’re there feel free to leave a comment and why not subscribe.