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BBQ weather calls for greater sun protection

May 27, 2010

In true British style, the last couple of weekends had us rushing to our wardrobes and digging out our shorts and sunglasses in order to maximise our enjoyment of the warm weather this year. But how many people remembered to wear sun protection cream and dodge the rays at peak times of the day? Thought not!

We all like to make the most of the warmer months, but binge-tanning when you’re out in the garden is not good for your health. Sunburn is painful and uncomfortable and really not worth it if you just peel instead of tan. It also increases your chances of developing skin cancer so it’s good to be sensible in the sun and enjoy it whilst it lasts.

A tan may be fashionable, but did you know that when your skin darkens, it is your body’s natural way of telling you that you have damaged your skin?

We believe that with so many effective fake tan products available, it is much safer to apply an artificial tan than bake your body in the sun and risk your health.

Read our top tips on sun protection.


Acne treatment update from Top Model award winner

May 26, 2010

Aspiring model and Miss England Cheshire finalist Naomi Heap gives an update on how the SkinGenesis acne treatment programme has helped her achieve her career ambitions.

Through a personalised programme of microdermabrasion, IPL, skin peels and effective adult acne home products, Naomi’s skin is looking clearer, smoother and more radiant than ever before.

Got acne? Book your complimentary expert skin analysis now in Leeds, Manchester or Chester.

Gentle chemical peels for radiant skin

May 20, 2010

Now is the perfect time to have a gentle chemical skin peel to get rid of dead skin cells, resurface the face and step into summer looking more radiant than the sun itself.

The term ‘chemical peel’ can sound quite daunting, but they have had a bit of bad press. There are varying strengths of peels and speaking from experience, the more gentle varieties can be quick, very refreshing and make you feel like a new person.

It’s always advised that chemical peels are carried out by a fully trained professional under clinic conditions. The skin is a delicate organ and needs to be treated with care.

For those with good skin who just want a quick boost, peels can be enjoyed as single-session treatments. For more problematic skin, such as acne, a programme of treatments is advised. As with all skin treatment programmes, patience is a virtue. Treatments are usually delivered over a period of weeks, sometimes months to achieve the best results.

Results on acne following a series of salicylic acid peels

Agera medical peels are the latest development in non-ablative peels (this means there is no visible shedding of the surface skin) and are suitable for almost all skin types except dark Afro-Caribbean. They combine salicylic, lactic and citric acids which penetrate deep into the dermis and require little or not downtime.

The Skin Therapy Pumpkin Enzyme Peel combines enzymes with lactic acid that penetrate all layers of the skin providing high levels of skin smoothing as well as stimulating the rejuvenating process – bye bye fine lines and wrinkles!

Stronger Skin Peels: TCA peels are the ultimate in single session rejuvenation treatments. They are extremely exfoliating and will require between 5 to 7 days recovery time during which period the skin will flake and feel quite irritated.

We would always advise an expert skin analysis before you undergo a peel to assess your suitability and have that all important patch test.

Your skin will be sensitive in the days following a peel and should be adequately protected from the sun’s UV rays using SPF 30 to avoid sunburn and skin damage.

Forget fat reduction, models are now airbrushed to look fatter

May 18, 2010

It seems that women just can’t win – one minute they’re being told they’re too fat, the next minute they’re too thin.

Health gurus Holland and Barratt have recently come under fire for airbrushing a model – not to make her appear slimmer – but to add around half a stone to make her look ‘healthy’.

Here at SkinGenesis, we like to promote health and wellbeing, but we also appreciate that women, and men, come in all shapes and sizes and it’s all about finding a weight, shape and size that you are comfortable with and one that is indeed healthy for you.

We believe that if there wasn’t so much pressure for everyone to achieve this make-believe notion of ‘perfection’, i.e. all looking the same, people would be more comfortable with how they look.

At the same time however, it’s good to have advice and guidance from bodies such as the Department of Health. Tackling obesity is currently a big priority for the Government, encouraging people to achieve a healthy weight for a healthy life.

A balanced diet and regular exercise is a sure-fire way to start shedding the pounds, but sometimes there will be areas of the body where stubborn fat just won’t shift. Usually it’s the hip, thighs, tummy and bottom areas that are the worst culprits.

Certain exercises and machines can work these areas more intensely, and you should consult a fitness instructor to advise on the best regime. Fat reduction treatments, such as Eporex mesotherapy can also assist in getting rid of fat, as part of a healthy weight-loss programme.

‘Ice-cream weather on its way’ says MSN – and so is the sun protection

May 14, 2010

It looks like we’re set for some warmer weather over the next few weekends, and since it was revealed that we Brits spend six months of our lives chin-wagging about the weather, it’ll definitely give us something to talk about.

As we ditch the scarves and cardi’s and delve into our freezers for the icepops, we should also be thinking about protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

After covering up from the cold harsh weather we’ve had over winter, and the more recent cold snaps following a milder April, the skin will be more prone to sunburn and damage, so make sure you take care over the next few weeks.

Cover up with a hat, wear Sun Protection Factor 30 and seek shade during peaks times throughout the day.

A tan may look good for a few weeks, but it’s not worth the painful sunburn and long term health risks that come with it.

Enjoy the sun and warmer months – just do it sensibly!

Dangers of tanning exposed by Girls Aloud star

May 10, 2010

With summer just around the corner and after a long cold winter, sunbed use and fake tanning is on the rise again, but earlier this year Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts tried to turn tan-fans’ attention to the dangers of sun exposure.

Skin cancer, long term deep wrinkles and general skin damage are all that you are risking when you hit the rays for that short burst of the feel-good factor. But whilst you may receive the odd compliment about ‘how well you look’, people might be saying the complete opposite in five to ten years time.

The link below is a real eye-opener, which shows two case studies – one a man in his twenties who uses sunbeds five to six times per week (yes, per week!), as well as using a range of fake-tanning products to give himself a top up. The other is a girl who has an expert skin analysis under a UV lamp, which shows the dramatic damage that has been done to her face after years of sun exposure. Let’s just say, she is quite shocked.

English Rose Nicola talks about the pressures she faced in the popular girl band to look the same as the other members and admits that she went through a stint of constant tanning.

The expert in the clip also makes the important point that as the skin becomes damaged, it swells slightly, which temporarily plumps up the skin the smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. Of course this is very short-lived and not worth the long term pain of having deep-set wrinkles later in life.

You can watch the clip ‘The Truth About Tanning’ here.

Everyone likes to have a little glow, and limited sun exposure is important for the body to produce vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium for strong healthy bones and to avoid osteoporosis. It’s all about achieving a balance and being sensible in the sun – wear a sun protection factor of 30, seek shade between 11am and 3pm and do not use sun beds. And if you really want a tan – play it safe and fake it!

Wrinkle treatment for Gorilla-face

May 7, 2010

‘Gorilla-face’ – what’s this? I hear you ask.

The first time I heard this phrase was from a reporter for Times Online, Sarah Vine (<– read her article here). Gorilla-face is a problem that affects women over 40 and is a classic case of going to bed looking ‘normal’ and waking up ‘looking like an extra from Planet of the Apes’, (Vine’s word’s not mine).

You may have lines on your forehead, chin and chest and these last until around breakfast time apparently. Usually ‘gorilla-face’ is short-lived (thank goodness!). However many women over the age of 40 have persistent lines and wrinkles and if you’re in this bracket, you have probably tried all the magic lotions and potions available on the high street, only to find that they’ve not made much of a difference.

To combat and control lines and wrinkles on the face, it may be necessary to give your skin a work out, just as you would your body down at the gym. Anti-ageing treatments that combine a range of skin rejuvenating methods will always provide great results and help your skin to produce collagen and regain some of its youthful plumpness.

Non-surgical face lifts, peptide peels, and SkinGym are all examples of gentle anti-wrinkle treatments that are available. If you’ve tried everything else, why not give these a whirl? Anything that prevents ‘gorilla-face’ is worth it in my book!