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Teachers increasingly going under the knife during summer holidays

September 25, 2009

We’ve noticed a significant number of articles this week highlighting the growing trend of teachers having cosmetic surgery during their summer break – with one British company claiming it has seen a 50% increase and that facial procedures are proving most popular amongst our nation’s educators.

It’s not many professions that can afford the luxury of weeks of work to recover from cosmetic surgery. Yet even with the time they have to spare wouldn’t it be best spent relaxing or spending more time with their families rather than recovering from invasive surgery that means they can’t go out and about and enjoy themselves?

We recommend as with all other professions in the UK the best and safest option for teachers to look good and feel better about their appearance is to take a slower more natural approach that will allow them to see progressive results and not upset their long awaited summer holidays! With regular skin rejuvenation sessions a cocktail on the beach is far more likely than sitting on the sofa with a cuppa recovering…