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Armpit beards…girls it’s really not a good look!

November 13, 2009

We were shocked to read the other day that the ultimate female celebrity faux-pas of hairy armpits is still happening! Have the new generation of celebs not learnt lessons from the embarrassment of their red carpet predecessors like Julia Roberts and Celine Dion? Apparently not.

The newest in a long line of stubble disasters is Gary Lineker’s wife and sexy underwear model Danielle Bux who reportedly stepped out into the public eye last week with a set of dark armpit beards.

We’d like to sit down with these celebs and explain to them that there is a very easy way to keeping themselves silky smooth and our advice is not to simply cover up!

For a smooth, hair free body without the stress of having to shave or wax to deal with re-growth try Variable Pulsed Light (sometimes called Laser Hair Removal). After a series of VPL sessions you won’t have to worry about hair removal again and you certainly won’t need to risk being made to look hair-larious like Danielle!