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What Women Want – effective anti aging!

November 27, 2008

Thursday 27th November 2008

We were pleased to read about a recent survey conducted in the USA by The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery which stated that 89% of women were most interested in gradual results that last longer than quick fix surgical treatments.

The SkinGenesis SkinGym anti aging programme focuses on exactly this but it has another benefit too…  You don’t go under the knife as it stimulates long lasting natural responses in the skin.  We know we only just wrote about this last week but thought this news was so relevant that we’d point you to it again!


Our SkinGym is much nicer than Kilroy’s Jungle Gym!

November 21, 2008

Friday 21st November 2008

If you have tuned into I’m a celebrity get me out of here this year, you will have seen that it is the most gruesome ever and anyone with the coldest of hearts would have felt a little bit of sympathy for poor old Kilroy last night!

The Jungle Gym saw the poor 66 year old battle through various ‘gym equipment’, joined by a number of little friends. From sticking his head in a bucket of eels, then rats, then to having every single creepy crawly you can think of poured over him as he did his bench presses, the whole episode was truly cringey to watch! The worst part was him drinking a cochroach, spider, eyeball – whatever was in it – smoothie!

Our SkinGym is a lot more pleasant! In just 40 days you can transform your skin, as it is one of the most intense anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment programmes. Wrinkles are reduced, skin is tightened and lifted, pores appear smaller, and skin tone is evened out. And these are just some of the benefits, with not a spider in sight!

Read more about our SkinGym anti aging programme here, then come and see us for a free skin anaylsis with no obligations. If you do decide to go ahead, we have a special off peak price at the moment, the details of which you can find on the link above.

Tan injections?! How bizarre!

November 20, 2008

Thursday 20th November

A hot topic in the world of skin at the moment is the availability of injectable tans, yes that’s right, tans that you inject – but SkinGenesis would like to warn tan-fans to be cautious if they’re thinking about giving this whirl.

There’s the old beauty ritual of ‘no pain-no gain’, however just because they’re available doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re safe to use. The product is called ‘Melanotan’, however it remains unlicensed and has not undergone the usual rigorous testing that ensures safety and quality.

The Yorkshire Post did a feature on this on Tuesday and commented that the quest for a perfect tan had taken a ‘worrying turn’.

I personally don’t know how anyone can use such products without knowing that their health will be left unscathed. What is the point of risking your wellbeing in the name of vanity, especially when you can get great results out of a bottle? Afterall, tanning creams and bronzers seem the safest way to become a bronzed goddess. UV rays may cause you to develop cancer and the risks of these new injections are simply unknown. One girl in the YP feature had said that she had injected herself twelve times in just three weeks! That’s more or less every other day!

The regulation of cosmetic procedures in Britain and the rest of Europe is fairly lax when compared to that in the USA. It could even be said that we Brits are guinea pigs in new treatments!

Tell us if you have tried this new tanning method, or do you think it’s absolutely ridiculous?

Personalised acne treatment – Attack acne from all angles!

November 19, 2008

Wednesday 19th November 2008

Around 80% of people suffer with acne at some point in their lives and it can be an extremely uncomfortable, confidence crunching experience for some. You might find that treatments from Boots and Superdrug just don’t make the grade and medication prescribed by doctors can bring with it unwelcome side effects. So what can you do?

You could take a leaf out of our book and tackle acne head on from a number of angles. The SkinGenesis acne treatment takes an all round approach, starting from understanding the root causes of acne, thinking about your diet, treatments to help eradicate your blemishes, right through to the suitable after-care that is required for your skin.

Take a look at our Squidoo lense on how to treat acne effectively. You’ll have clearer, more radiant skin in no time and I bet you’ll wonder what all the fuss was all about!

Latest fad or not, Mesotherapy Fat Reduction works!

November 18, 2008

Tuesday 18 November 2008

It really annoys me when new treatments are labelled as ‘fads’, as this automatically makes you think it’s useless and that it doesn’t work. The Times of India site today stated that “Mesotherapy is the latest beauty fad for those fighting the ‘look-good, look-young’ battle” . Now, although the articles goes on to describe some of benefits of mesotherapy, I think it was slightly misleading to call it a fad.

There’s no doubt about it, mesotherapy works and is somewhat of a miracle treatment for all sorts of body hang ups.  Fat reduction, cellulite treatmentstretch mark removal, love handles, ‘bingo wings’, or saggy stomachs, you name it, mesotherapy more than likely can bust it!

It’s much safer than going under the knife and there’s also no recovery time, which is a bonus as you can resume your normal everyday life, like going to work or socialising to show off your new flat tummy! 

Let us know about your mesotherapy experiences by leaving us a comment below.

Stressing Out = Need for Acne Treatment?

November 17, 2008

Monday 17th November 2008

With our hectic modern-day lifestyles and with more and more worries and stresses mounting upon us everyday, it’s no wonder many of us feel worn out and tired all the time. The link between our brains and our skin is not new, but people don’t realise that scores of cases of problem skin are due to stress.

It is well known that stress can cause premature ageing, but it can also cause unnecessary outbreaks of acne. It is suggested here that “When you are stressed, the brain releases chemicals that affect the skin biology and when this changes the structure of the skin, it will result in dermatitis, eczema or even the need for acne treatment,” said clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon.

Being happy and having positive goals is the first step to tackling skin problems, and you can read our resident expert Peter Beard’s advice on positive thinking here.

The menace of secondhand smoke!

November 14, 2008

Friday 14th November

If there is one thing i have grown to hate since the smoking ban it is breathing in other people’s secondhand smoke. When i was 18 i used to work in a bar, so i somehow grew to tolerate it. But now we have clean air inside the bars and indoor public areas, I can’t bare people smoking around me.

Not only does it make me feel ill, i can feel it soaking into my freshly washed hair and being absorbed by my already sensitive skin. The reason i’m having this rant is because for the past five mornings, a boy has joined me at the bus stop with his cheap fags, which he buys daily,  breathing his smoke all over me. They also smell stronger and more rancid than most brands, that’s how i know they are cheap. Sure he’s outside, but while he’s smoking under the bus shelter, the smoke just accumulates under there and holds stagnant for everyone else to share!

I could ask him to move down the path a little, although i found it much more satisfying to cough and splutter and put my scarf over my mouth and nose to make a point. I just think people should be more considerate when choosing their outdoor areas to smoke and to make sure it is well ventilated and not two feet away from the non-smoker next to you!

He can do whatever he likes to his skin, but i don’t appreciate his 4000 chemicals and 200 poisons, being inflicted on mine. Secondhand smoke contains formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and around 43 carcinogens and when faced with this every morning, i’m going to look 50 before i even hit 25! Not to mention the potential health problems…

Rant over!

Cruelty-free skin care products are the way forward

November 13, 2008

I was walking through Newcastle the other week and was stopped by a giant shampoo bottle in the middle of Northumberland Street. Intrigued, i stopped to have a chat with the people on the stand. It was a campaign from Uncaged, which has become one of the most effective movements towards protecting animals from unnecessary testing and cruelty.

Taking a closer look at the giant shampoo bottle, on first glance it looked like a Herbal Essences bottle, however on a second look, i noticed the wording had been changed to ‘Hurtful Essences’ and I was mortified to find out that the ‘Dazzling Shine’ that i achieve every morning was due to some poor little animals going blind or losing their life. In fact, you can read about the shocking truth of Proctor & Gamble’s research here in the words of Uncaged.

I no longer use Herbal Essences shampoo, and have got a lot more savvy when it comes to shampoo-shopping. In fact whenever I buy a beauty product, I always try to find out whether it has been tested on animals. The Body Shop and Lush products are strongly against animal testing and have some great product ranges ready for Christmas that won’t leave you feeling guilty, meaning you can sit back and indulge!

Why should we be able to put little defenseless animals through such pain, torture and suffering, all because of our vanity? Surely there’s another way?

What do you think?

Glamour models… men don’t REALLY like them!

November 12, 2008

Wednesday 12th November 2008

Last night i watched an episode of ‘Miss Naked Beauty’ on Channel 4, and initially I thought, ‘Oh dear, not another one of Gok Wan’s confidence crunching, flesh revealing programmes’… however i was wrong.

The series “is the definitive hunt for a woman who embodies the confidence, sex appeal, spirit, brains and true natural beauty of a modern-day Eve”, as detailed on the website. Last night’s episode showed the remaining contestants just how they would look if they were glamour models and revealed how perfection is cheated by airbrushing and digital enhancement, proving that those girls in the magazines probably look nothing like the images at all!

They then compared the glamour shoot with a more natural look for the girls, you can see the comparison here. Gok Wan and the girls then took to the streets and asked for both men and women’s opinions. Guess what…

Women said they would prefer to look like the glamour girls as they believed they were a lot more attractive this way.

Men revealed that they much prefered the natural look, stating that the girls looked more approachable and ‘attainable’ than the glamour shoot and less ‘fake’.

So it seems that glamour models should be left to page 3 and men’s mags, besides, who would really feel comfortable wearing next to nothing, sky-scraper heels and a painted on face? Photographers and make up artists spend around £350 on the model, just in make up! No wonder they look so ‘perfect’!

For a final twist, the girls then had to assist in live cosmetic surgery operations… which we’ll leave for tomorrow!

‘Tis the season for perfect pins!

November 11, 2008

Tuesday 11th November 2008

With just over six weeks until Christmas – gosh that’s not long – women up and down the country will be thinking about about what to wear for that all important Christmas party, and usually that involves flashing a bit of leg.

It’s funny, we only seem to think about our legs twice a year – first in the summer for the beach, then during the party season. For the rest of the year our legs seem to go unnoticed. Neglected if you prefer. We read an article in the Halesowen News from the weekend, which explains why we should pay more attention to our legs throughout the year, and make caring for them part of our everyday beauty ritual.

Aching legs, thread veins (don’t forget our thread vein removal treatment)  or even shooting pains can all be indicators of further problems that lie ahead, such as DVT. Of course there’s no need to panic if your legs are aching, you might have just overworked yourself, in which case it’s time to take a couple of days off work, get a cuppa and put your feet up! If you are concerned though, it might be worthwhile going to see your GP, just to get a check-up.

Tips for party-perfect pins:

  • Exfoliate – pay particular attention to the knees and ankles
  • Wax, shave or IPL – taking your time is the key to perfect hair removal, waxing will obviously last longer or you could even try permanent hair removal at our clinics
  • Moisturise – use an intensive moisturiser that will keep working all night. Dove and Vaseline offer some excellent products that keep your legs looking gorgeous for hours
  • Shimmer – Adding a touch of body shimmer to your pins will make sure that you dazzle on the dancefloor!