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Put your neck into it for a plumper pout (anti-ageing)

March 19, 2010

According to the Aesthetics Surgery Centre in Florida, more and more women are opting to ditch the collagen fillers in favour of a more natural pout-plumper – the muscle in their neck.

It’s the latest procedure to take the cosmetic surgery world by storm, and this group of surgeons say they’ve so far had great results in about 25 patients who wish to look more youthful.

It’s no secret that a plumper pout can take you back a few years, because everyone knows that the lips thin with age. But a lip graft by extracting some muscle in your neck? It certainly makes us go all queasy!

There are so many anti-ageing options out there at the moment, and people are finally ‘getting it’ that surgery is not the only option.

Muscle relaxants, like Botox, and non-permanent injectable dermal fillers far outweigh surgical options and remain the best anti-wrinkle treatment. Gentle peptide peels can also work wonders on fine lines and to get smoother skin texture.

Even LuLu is with us on this one – we heard her on the radio and on saw her on the Alan Titchmarch show this week plugging her new book and spreading the word about non-surgical anti-ageing treatment options. And you have to admit, LuLu looks amazing for her age!


Airbrushed Twiggy sparks complaints on anti-ageing treatments

December 16, 2009

Wednesday 16th December 2009

700 people have complained about an advert for anti-ageing cream that portrayed Twiggy as a wrinkle-free sixty-something, before Proctor and Gamble held its hands up and admitted to a spot of airbrushing.

We’ve blogged a lot about misleading adverts recently, commenting on how lying adverts ‘con’ consumers and distort their perceptions of beauty.

Twiggy is a beautiful woman (and doesn’t need any airbrushing), however there’s no-doubt that she battles with the bathroom mirror every morning wondering how she can diminish her fine lines and wrinkles – just like many other women her age!

If you’re worried about wasting your money on useless creams (which have to be advertsied with enhanced images to be successful) but can’t quite afford a surgical facelift, why not think about a non-surgical facelift? Our expert from SkinGenesis, Peter Beard explains what one is here.

If that doesn’t attract you however, you could think about IPL, microdermabrasion or skin peels – which all have an amazing rejuvenating effect when provided as part of a programme of skin treatments. SkinGym is a firm favourite with our clients, which takes 40 days, or try SkinSpa if you want a quick refreshing face fix!

Choosing the right wrinkle treatment for your skin

July 29, 2009

Wednesday 29th July 2009

Choosing the right wrinkle treatment for your skin can be one of the most important health choices you will make.

Basically, aside from going under the knife, there are two types of anti-ageing treatments that work naturally with your skin:

  1. Botox and dermal fillers
  2. Skin resurfacing and collagen-boosting techniques

Botox and Dermal Fillers

These are the most invasive treatments that we provide at SkinGenesis, however the way we offer the treatments ensures that they fit with our general ethos of providing treatments that work with the skin to avoid complications or odd-looking faces!

Botox, when administered by a fully qualified and experienced doctor, can be a wonderful remedy for wrinkles and sagging skin. Working as a muscle relaxant, Botox prevents the facial muscles from pulling the skin around in directions that make it wrinkle. Results are instant, but it’s worth noting that Botox wears off within up to six months, so more treatments will be needed. Read more on botox

The dermal fillers we offer are temporary fillers, which place hyaluronic acid (a naturally occuring substance in the body that decreases with age)  in problem areas of the face. This magically attracts water to the area, resulting in plumper, more youthful skin. We do not offer permanent dermal fillers because once they’re injected, they’re there to stay, forever! All dermal fillers treat the symptoms of ageing, meaning the skin still continues to age and move. The problem therefore with permanent fillers is that they remain in the same place as the skin moves south, creating a distorted and rather odd appearance. Temporary fillers wear off as the skin continues to age, so are much safer!

Skin resurfacing and collagen-boosting techniques

If you’re looking for a longer term treatment that addresses the cause of wrinkles, instead of just the immediate ‘quick-fixes’, you might want to consider the more natural skin resurfacing and collagen-boosting skin rejuvenation treatments that are available.

These work by retraining the skin to think it is 25 again through tissue remodelling. By restoring its health and elasticity these techniques give the skin a certain youthful thickness which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

The treatments are entirely natural and non invasive and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to give your skin strength and resilience.

SkinGym anti-ageing is a firm favourite with clients – promising younger skin within 40 days. It is an intense programme, so if you fancy taking it a bit slower, you could take a look at the SkinSpa menu too.

Ask any wrinkle questions here and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Non surgical facelift – all the benefits, without the knife

July 22, 2009

Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Dreaming of having a facelift but don’t want to go under the knife? Well now you don’t have to with our fabulous non-surgical facelift.

We all know that our skin loses its elasticity and resilience over time and a surgical facelift does nothing to address this issue and works simply by tightening the skin. A non-surgical facelift works by restoring the fitness and health of facial skin, retraining it to produce collagen and regain its plumpness and youthful appearance.

Skin rejuvenation treatments that tackle the causes of skin problems will always work better than a quick fix on something that’s already happened. Going under the knife does nothing to slow the aging process, therefore even after you’ve had surgery, your skin continues to sag, droop and wrinkle.

A non-surgical facelift is the natural alternative to the dramatic, extreme and painful surgical option. Regaining a more youthful you over time, rather than overnight will also be less noticable to other people and when people start to tell you, ‘You look well’… that’s when you’ll feel fabulous!

A combination of microdermabrasion, intense pulsed light and regenerative peels underpin the non surgical facelift and can bring visible results fast. Your skin tone will be better, you’ll look more relaxed and fine lines and wrinkles will be less obvious. This is called tissue remodelling and is one of the best natural anti-ageing treatments available.

Skin Damage – ever wondered how to get perfect skin?

June 24, 2009

Wednesday 24th June 2009

Sunbeds, UV rays, excess makeup, harsh chemicals, bad lifestyle… they all wreak havoc on your skin.

Watch this video clip about Expert Skin Analysis on YouTube from us and Channel M’s ‘Style in the City’.

We invited the cameras into our SkinGenesis Manchester clinic to give a demonstration of the Expert Skin Analysis on two volunteers, which is a highly effective method of detecting earlysigns of skin cancer and skin damage, measuring moisture content and pH and putting a stop to premature ageing.

If you’re worried about skin damage and are wondering what you can do to start to restore its goodness and elasticity, the first step is to see a skin specialist who can analyse your skin and devise a new regime to rectify any damage that’s been done.

Leave us a comment below and we’ll advise you on the next steps to achieving a flawless complexion.

‘Credit crunch non-surgical facelift’ on the rise

December 10, 2008

Wednesday 10th December 2008

We’ve noticed it for a while – the surge in the number of people approaching us about alternatives to going under the knife – and it seems that the ‘credit crunch non-surgical facelift‘ is on the rise as the recession bites even harder.

Now, the term ‘credit crunch facelifts’ does not mean scrimping on your skin, nor is it in anyway a ‘budget’ alternative to surgical procedures. It is rather a much more affordable and cost efficient option, which has to be a bonus to anyone in the current economic climate. Dr Newman’s clinics have noticed the same effect, stating that non-surgical skin treatments are up by 60%.

Opting for less invasive procedures means that any treatments you have will be administered gradually with results being more natural. This way you won’t appear 55 one day and 35 the next, as is sometimes the case with the more unnatural surgical procedures. The treatments are usually done at intervals for maximum effects, so you don’t have to have any time off work and you can pay in instalments.

Hear what Janice had to say about her anti aging treatment SkinGym:

So while the kids will have had their Christmas, maybe the New Year is a time to start thinking of yourself? You know you deserve it! What’s more, SkinGenesis offers acne, cellulite and thread vein treatments and much more, such as skin rejuvenation in Leeds, Manchester and Chester, with some fabulous offers on at the moment. You can even have a no obligation Expert Skin Analysis too to see what treatments, if any, you need.

Visit the SkinGenesis website for clinic phone numbers or for more info.