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Patrick Swayze speaks out about cancer battle

January 8, 2009

Thursday 8th January 2009

Patrick Swayze has spoken out about his cancer hell and believes he may have only two years left to live.

The popular Dirty Dancing star was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in January 2008, which is one of the hardest forms of the disease to treat successfully, with only a 5% success rate.

In his first interview since he got the terrible news that devastated women across the world, he admitted the fact that he might not beat the disease, but is still very hopeful and is trying to stay optimistic. And so are we.

He has worked so hard since the diagnosis that he has only missed one and a half days of work! Now that’s a trooper!

We hope Patrick manages to beat the cancer successfully and we have everything crossed for him.

Watch the interview here.