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Glamour models… men don’t REALLY like them!

November 12, 2008

Wednesday 12th November 2008

Last night i watched an episode of ‘Miss Naked Beauty’ on Channel 4, and initially I thought, ‘Oh dear, not another one of Gok Wan’s confidence crunching, flesh revealing programmes’… however i was wrong.

The series “is the definitive hunt for a woman who embodies the confidence, sex appeal, spirit, brains and true natural beauty of a modern-day Eve”, as detailed on the website. Last night’s episode showed the remaining contestants just how they would look if they were glamour models and revealed how perfection is cheated by airbrushing and digital enhancement, proving that those girls in the magazines probably look nothing like the images at all!

They then compared the glamour shoot with a more natural look for the girls, you can see the comparison here. Gok Wan and the girls then took to the streets and asked for both men and women’s opinions. Guess what…

Women said they would prefer to look like the glamour girls as they believed they were a lot more attractive this way.

Men revealed that they much prefered the natural look, stating that the girls looked more approachable and ‘attainable’ than the glamour shoot and less ‘fake’.

So it seems that glamour models should be left to page 3 and men’s mags, besides, who would really feel comfortable wearing next to nothing, sky-scraper heels and a painted on face? Photographers and make up artists spend around £350 on the model, just in make up! No wonder they look so ‘perfect’!

For a final twist, the girls then had to assist in live cosmetic surgery operations… which we’ll leave for tomorrow!