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Amanda Holden is all for non-surgical cosmetic treatments

January 19, 2010

Tuesday 19th January 2010

Amanda Holden has acted as the latest endorsement for non-surgical cosmetic treatments following a brief interview with the Guardian.

Holden said she would never have cosemtic surgery due to having a skin complaint that makes her over-produce scar tissue – however with so many brilliant non-surgical, natural treatments available, without the risk of scarring, why would you want to go through the pain of going under the knife?

She is known to have had Botox in the past and she thoroughly supports our ethos of making people feel good about themselves.

So whether it’s acne treatment, thread vein removal or skin rejuvenation, you can now get rid of all your blemishes without worrying about unwanted side effects, scarring or having time off work.

Reputable companies like SkinGenesis will also provide a treatment guarantee, which means that if you don’t see results within the advised programme time-frame, you’ll be given extra treatments until you do!


Clean & Clear ad banned for hiding shiny acne skin

January 6, 2010

Wednesday 6th January 2010

The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) has banned an advert from Clean & Clear after it used make-up in its adverts that claimed to clear acne.

It said the before and after shots should have been taken in the same conditions to ensure a fair representation to consumers. The advertising agency responsible for the advert then admitted to using a ‘light powder foundation to hide shininess around the T-zone’.

We’re getting a bit tired of reading about dishonest adverts that mislead people into buying products that won’t necessarily work for them. Here at SkinGenesis we provide all our clients with honest, professional advice on skin treatments and never promise ‘perfect skin’, because in the real world, nobody’s skin is perfect.

Instead we aim to provide a programme of treatments that is tailored to your skin type and skin complaint to make sure you get the best possible result. Whether it’s acne treatment, wrinkles, thread vein removal or cellulite reduction, we can treat all kinds of skin problems.

All we would say is don’t trust adverts, don’t expect too much from high street products and try not to waste too much money on trying different solutions. Why not take advantage of our free expert skin analysis so that you can make an informed decision on the products you use?

Skin Treatment Specialist Appoints New Therapist Emma Preece

August 24, 2009

Monday 24th August 2009

Emma Preece is the new girl in town at our Chester clinic – there to make your skin beautiful!

Emma, 26 from Middlewich, Cheshire joins us, the non-surgical skin treatment specialists, after starting her career in healthcare by gaining various qualifications in nursing.

Now studying for the Beauty Therapy (Science) BTEC National Diploma and after taking a slight change of career direction, Emma will embark upon her true aspirations to become a specialist skin therapist.

Emma said: “I’m really looking forward to a new career in skin therapy with SkinGenesis. I didn’t want to go into the indulgent, pampering side of beauty therapy, so instead I chose to put my nursing background to good use and focus on the more scientific and medical aspects of helping people achieve a great complexion and body image.”

Peter Beard, director of treatments at SkinGenesis, commented: “It’s fantastic to welcome such a dedicated new member to our team in Chester. Emma has a fantastic background in healthcare and some great qualifications, which means she brings with her the key skills needed to be a successful skin therapist.”

Emma will be completing her intense training programme over the next few weeks by shadowing senior therapists at the clinic, assisting with initial consultations and administering treatments to clients. Emma will specialise in all treatments, including acne treatment, skin rejuvenation and thread vein removal.

Peter added: “We take the training and development of our staff very seriously here at SkinGenesis as we are an accredited Investors in People company. Each new member of staff experiences an initial training period and then continues to develop throughout their career with in-house training and additional courses offsite, which ensures that our therapists acquire and maintain an optimum level of knowledge and awareness of best practice.”

We have clinics in Chester, Leeds and Manchester offering skincare solutions to people across the North and throughout the UK.

For more information call us on 01244 303 464 or visit

Thread vein removal – imagine life without them

March 27, 2009

Friday 27th March 2009

Thread veins are extremely common and can often cause people lots of upset and discontentment with their skin. Thread vein removal is fast increasing in popularity and with today’s advanced treatments, thread veins can be a thing of the past.

Thread veins are common amongst people who have had jobs in the outdoors, or those who might take part in a great deal of outdoor activities, but you needn’t let your vanity stop you from enjoying your job or hobbies.

Often referred to as ‘spider vein treatment’, we use cutting edge IPL treatments, using technology that is more powerful than most laser treatments. Whats more, it is kinder to your skin too, reducing any risks. In fact, risks are so minimal you won’t even be left with any bruising, as most people expect.

IPL works by encouraging natural processes in the skin to act and gradually, over a course of treatments, the thread veins disappear – a little bit like how a regular bruise would disappear.

Speaking of SPIDER veins… take a look at this YouTube video – a world record of having the most spiders on the body for 30 seconds!!

To find out more about thread vein removal, call one of our clinics in Leeds, Manchester or Chester.

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‘Tis the season for perfect pins!

November 11, 2008

Tuesday 11th November 2008

With just over six weeks until Christmas – gosh that’s not long – women up and down the country will be thinking about about what to wear for that all important Christmas party, and usually that involves flashing a bit of leg.

It’s funny, we only seem to think about our legs twice a year – first in the summer for the beach, then during the party season. For the rest of the year our legs seem to go unnoticed. Neglected if you prefer. We read an article in the Halesowen News from the weekend, which explains why we should pay more attention to our legs throughout the year, and make caring for them part of our everyday beauty ritual.

Aching legs, thread veins (don’t forget our thread vein removal treatment)  or even shooting pains can all be indicators of further problems that lie ahead, such as DVT. Of course there’s no need to panic if your legs are aching, you might have just overworked yourself, in which case it’s time to take a couple of days off work, get a cuppa and put your feet up! If you are concerned though, it might be worthwhile going to see your GP, just to get a check-up.

Tips for party-perfect pins:

  • Exfoliate – pay particular attention to the knees and ankles
  • Wax, shave or IPL – taking your time is the key to perfect hair removal, waxing will obviously last longer or you could even try permanent hair removal at our clinics
  • Moisturise – use an intensive moisturiser that will keep working all night. Dove and Vaseline offer some excellent products that keep your legs looking gorgeous for hours
  • Shimmer – Adding a touch of body shimmer to your pins will make sure that you dazzle on the dancefloor!