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Full face transplant successful on shooting accident victim

April 26, 2010

A victim who lost half his face in a shooting accident has had a successful complete face transplant.

30 surgeons in Spain spent 22 hours reconstructing the man’s face and say it is the world’s first full face transplant ever to be conducted. The man is said to be recovering well in hospital after the surgical team replaced his cheekbones, nose, lips and cheeks – the entire face of a donor.

The BBC reports that 10 other face transplants have been carried out around the world, however this the first full face transplant.

It’s amazing what a talented group of cosmetic surgeons can achieve these days and for extreme, medical cases such as this one, surgery is often the only option. We just hope that the man in question can accept his new face and live a full life.

Surgical options should not however be taken lightly. Many people have body hang ups, such as deep set wrinkles, excess fat and bumps on their noses, but we would always urge people considering minor cosmetic adjustments to explore their options first. Find out what counselling is available, or look into non-surgical natural skin treatments so that you can make a fully informed decision on your own future.


Dove ad targets young girls to prevent unnecessary cosmetic surgery

February 26, 2010

We’ve spotted yet another hard-hitting ‘natural beauty’ campaign from Dove, which at the end urges parents to talk to their daughters before the beauty industry does.

We are firm believers in maximising on people’s natural beauty and encourage healthy lifestyles, natural non-surgical cosmetic treatments and making people feel great in their own skin.

Of course we all have our ‘ugly days’, where we wish we were just that little bit thinner, had a few less wrinkles, but there’s a lot to be said of embracing your shape and features and just being happy!

We’re strong supporters of these Dove beauty campaigns from across the pond and although they may contain some strong messages and graphic images, perhaps that’s what is needed to show the media that not everyone will be pressured into trying to find that ‘perfect body’ – because guess what? It doesn’t exist.

Celebrity anti-ageing secrets!

January 21, 2010

Thursday 21st January 2010

With celebrities being constantly in the public eye, it’s imperative that they look good. Every other week we see articles about how good someone famous looks for their age, what is their secret?

Many would say Botox or cosmetic surgery, however there are many celebrities who swear they have never gone near any sharp implements.

British beauty and TV chef Nigella Lawson showed what good home-cooked food can do for the skin after looking enviably youthful on her 50th birthday.

And it’s not just the ladies who stay forever young. Johnny Depp doesn’t look a day over 30 with his flawless skin and chiselled looks.

Here’s the secret: non-surgical cosmetic treatments. That’s right, you need not pay the earth for going under the knife, only for your face to sag and wrinkle again within a few years. Instead you spread out the cost over the years and maintain your skin by having regular upkeep skin treatments.

IPL, skin peels and microdermabrasion are the favourites – and the most effective… according to our clients anyway, and we’d definitely agree!

Grow your own facelift by having fat reduction treatment

December 23, 2009

Wednesday 23rd December 2009

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, just as the Daily Mail said, however doctors have found a way to grow, yes grow, your own facelift while losing excess fat and weight from your problem areas.

The procedure, which costs around £7,500, uses the body’s own stem cells and the patient literally grows their own facelift in the six to eighteen months after having the procedure.

This is a great advancement in the medical world as it extracts the stem cells present in our fat stores from elsewhere in the body, then under local anaesthetic, they are injected into the face for a complete facial rejuvenation that progresses naturally over time AND without any invasive surgery. Just a bit of discomfort and temporary bruising.

Great, if you’ve got this kind of money just lying around. And then you have to find that money again several years later when the effects wear off. But you have to admit it’s a fantastic breakthrough.

There are non-surgical alternatives too to this expensive anti-aging treatment, which don’t involve any ‘down time’ afterwards. Mesotherapy offers a fantastic fat reduction technique, which again is temporary, but costs much less than the ‘grow-your-own’ treatment. Fat reduction starts from around £75 per treatment when booked as a series of 7 treatments (this is about the number of treatments you will need to get an impressive result on that tummy and those hips).

For the face, IPL, microdermabrasion and skin peels are all very effective at rejuvenating the skin naturally and non-surgically. SkinGym promises younger, wrinkle-free skin in 40 days, with continued treatments if you don’t see an improvement. SkinGym costs from £1,250 – £1,500 – still quite expensive, but again cheaper than the grow-your-own.

Looking good and having skin treatments don’t make you a bimbo

November 18, 2009

Wednesday 18th November 2009

Jill Berry, president of the Girls School Association (GSA) can be seen this week on the Guardian’s website stating that fashion and wanting to look good, and intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

This got us thinking… Often in the cosmetics industry, people are quick to label people who follow fashion, wear striking make-up, have cosmetic treatments and surgery etc, as being bimbos. Some people think you have to be a grey-faced, library-bound hermit in order to be thought of as ‘intelligent’, when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Many of our clients are confident intelligent women, who simply have an interest in looking good. Just because women spend money on skin treatments and the latest shoes from Vogue doesn’t make them any less intelligent.

We think there’s something empowering about women who take pride in their appearance, because when you look good, you feel good, which in turn makes you want to achieve more.

Cosmetic surgery industry is an unregulated mess

November 16, 2009

Monday 16th November 2009

We all love a good old two-for-one offer down our local supermarket or on cocktails on our Saturday nights out, but is it really necessary to offer such deals on risky cosmetic surgery?

President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Nigel Mercer, has labelled the industry as an ‘unregulated mess’ and like us, thinks that the whole industry should be more tightly regulated, because let’s face it, surgery is serious stuff!

Sure, we as non-surgical cosmetic experts offer the odd BOGOF promotion on our refreshing skin peels for example, but that’s hardly the same as offering a free nose job with every breast augmentation is it?

Cosmetic surgery regulations in the US are very strict, with bodies such as the FDA having to approve all products and procedures prior to anything being commercially available. Over here in the UK, pretty much anything goes!

The industry already has a bit of a bad reputation, with horror stories of surgery holidays abroad and tales of cowboy-surgery-gone-wrong cropping up every other month. By tightening regulations, the practice would gain merit and more respect. At the moment it’s safe to say that this field is fuelled by greed, encouraging people who may be quite vulnerable to part with more cash and have more work done than they initially intended  or felt they needed.

Non-surgical options are much safer and more efficient, such as mesotherapy fat reduction as an alternative to liposuction, or SkinGym 40-day skin rejuvenation instead of a painful, surgical facelift.

Of course, any fans of Gok Wan will know that beauty comes from the confidence within, so before you act hastily, think about whether any cosmetic treatments really are for you. You might decide that afterall you’re happy with your appearance and were just going through a bad patch. If you do decide to have skin treatments however, think very carefully before opting for risky surgery.

Anti-ageing: Warnings against cosmetic surgery ‘tourism’

September 30, 2009

Wednesday 30th September 2009

It’s hard to believe, but we are still seeing cases of bad cosmetic surgery abroad, with many practitioners still failing to inform their patients of the risks and potential complications involved in plastic surgery.

The lure of a cheap alternative to Harley Street can make cosmetic surgery tourism tempting, however following the hundreds of horror stories that we all read in magazines and newspapers, it’s surprising just how many people still opt for procedures on foreign territory, just to save a few pounds.

We believe that a person’s health and wellbeing should be the most important factor. Making changes to your face and body is not a decision to take lightly, which is why it’s important to weigh up the benefits against the risk and potential complications that could arise.

Having surgery abroad could turn out to be the right option for you, as there are many reputable surgeons out there – just like here in the UK – you just have to find the right one for you. A good practitioner will always inform you of any risks, explain procedures, answer all your questions and will ensure that you are 100% happy to proceed. Make sure you meet the actual surgeon who will be carrying out the treatment too.

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and there are non-invasive skin treatments  available to save you from having to opt for painful face-lifts and risky liposuction.

Safer, cheaper and very effective, fat reduction and anti-ageing treatments that don’t involve any knives or scarring are becoming increasingly popular. You can never stop the clock or wave a magic wand to get rid of fat instantly, but IPL, mesotherapy and other non-surgical alternatives can discreetly change your appearance and make you happier.

Grazia favours skin rejuvenation over cosmetic surgery

September 28, 2009

Monday 28th September 2009

We were pleased to read this morning that Grazia’s beauty director, Annabel Jones, supports non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments over going under the knife in a bid to look younger.

The Guardian questioned whether cosmetic surgery could ever be a viable solution to ageing. Jones commented that she believed you could wind back the years by taking care of your skin, investing in a new haircut and applying good make-up.

And we agree! Non-surgical skin treatments are non-invasive, so don’t leave you with scars or the need to recover from surgical procedures. Usually after non-surgical anti-ageing treatment, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities and no one needs to know that you have been for treatments.

It’s only when people start to realise and remark that, ‘my you’re looking well’, that they may suspect that you have a new beauty regime.

Janice is one lucky woman who is delighted with the results from her SkinGym skin rejuvenation treatments. See what she has to say here:

Teachers increasingly going under the knife during summer holidays

September 25, 2009

We’ve noticed a significant number of articles this week highlighting the growing trend of teachers having cosmetic surgery during their summer break – with one British company claiming it has seen a 50% increase and that facial procedures are proving most popular amongst our nation’s educators.

It’s not many professions that can afford the luxury of weeks of work to recover from cosmetic surgery. Yet even with the time they have to spare wouldn’t it be best spent relaxing or spending more time with their families rather than recovering from invasive surgery that means they can’t go out and about and enjoy themselves?

We recommend as with all other professions in the UK the best and safest option for teachers to look good and feel better about their appearance is to take a slower more natural approach that will allow them to see progressive results and not upset their long awaited summer holidays! With regular skin rejuvenation sessions a cocktail on the beach is far more likely than sitting on the sofa with a cuppa recovering…

Fat reduction could lead to a boob job!

September 15, 2009

Tuesday 15th September 2009

The words on everyone’s lips in the cosmetic surgery world is that ‘natural’ boob jobs are on the rise, where surgeons use the excess fat from your thighs, bum and tum and inject it into your boobs to give them a lift.

How simple!

Of course, as with anything else, there are always risks and this is no exception. It’s also a procedure that is still in its infancy, so think twice before you rush down to Harley Street and do your research. Ask questions, get second opinions and think carefully before you take the plunge.

An expert on GMTV this morning was echoing the same concerns, whilst also remarking that this new kind of breast augmentation could give you a more natural look than artificial implants. So it’s something to keep your eye on for the future if you fancy getting a smaller waist AND bigger boobs!

In the meantime, if you would like to lose a few inches here and there, it might be worth taking a look at the fat reduction treatments that are available – all tried and tested already, therefore perfectly safe.