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We’re back online again!

March 3, 2011

Sorry we’ve been away for a few months.   Thank you for all your lovely comments and for keeping this blog alive.

Topics I’m going to cover over the coming weeks include:

  • Hair removal as a means of survival (history lesson!)
  • Botox for your bits (hmm – not sure about that one…)
  • Stem cell creams
  • Bargain hair removal – who pays?

Plenty to write about, and for you to add your comments.  I’ll do my best to reply and look forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks and months.




Non-surgical skin treatments gain popularity as cosmetic surgery plummets

March 16, 2009

Monday 16th March 2009

A report by The Times has revealed that the number of people opting for cosmetic surgery is dwindling as the economic downturn continues to spiral deeper into depression. Non-surgical skin treatments are however gaining popularity, offering a cheaper, less invasive option that produces noticable results that last.

Non-surgical treatments stimulate natural responses in the body, providing a safer, more affordable way to get the body and skin that you’ve always wanted. Expert Peter Beard said: “Even though people have tightened their purse strings, people are saving more money, just incase it’s needed one day. People are also still buying themselves little treats to keep their spirits up, however whilst it used to be a £6000 tummy tuck, it’s now a much more justifiable £525 course of seven Eporex Targeted Fat Reduction treatments.”

Mesotherapy provides a great way to lose fat, firm the breasts and get rid of cellulite, in fact our genuine before and after photos show just how effective this treatment can be.

Surgery is not something you should decide to have without lots of thought and consideration. Having surgery will permanently change any part of your body, which is why it’s so important to choose the best surgeon with the best track record, instead of searching for the cheapest option.

Have you switched from surgical to natural cosmetic treatments? Share your stories and questions here.

Women feel most beautiful at 32!

January 30, 2009

Friday 30th January 2009 find_us_on_facebook_badge1

Got that Friday feeling? Ready for the weekend? I know i am! It seems a lot of women across the country have that ‘flirty-thirties feeling’, with 40% stating that they felt most beautiful aged 32.

The survey was carried out by a mineral water company on the internet, questioning 1,500 women. The 40%explained that the reason they felt like this was due to the confidence they had gained from thir life experience, having active love lives and being able to find a healthy balance of eating and drinking sensibly.

Women, let’s face it, are usually their own worst enemies, so it’s very refreshing for such a positive story to come to light. We also find that out of all the women who visit our clinics, those in their early thirties are the ones with the most confidence and contentment in life. We love helping women maintain that confidence, perhaps clearing up their skin with acne treatment or making life more enjoyable with hair removal.  We want to keep you feeling like a million dollars!

Women have usually achieved so much more in their thirties than in their twenties, so these feelings are only natural.

What age did you feel most beautiful? Take our poll below:

See us on Facebook!!

January 29, 2009

Thursday 29 January 2009


I forgot to mention earlier that we are now on Facebook, so if you live in Leeds, Manchester or Chester, or in surrounding areas, we would love you to ‘become a fan’ of our pages.

Use the links below to visit the page, sign in to your usual Facebook account, or get one, and click ‘Become a fan’ in the top right hand corner – it’s that easy!

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You will be the first to find out about anything that’s happening in the clinic, top tips for beautiful skin, as well as exclusive offers, only available for Facebook fans.

Hope to see you there!

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Will Smith partying with President-to-be

January 19, 2009

Monday 19th January 2009

It seems new US President-to-be Barack Obama has a few new best friends, one being Will Smith. This Tuesday’s swearing in ceremony will see a whole red carpet of stars and celebrities join Obama for what is tipped to be the most expensive ceremony of its kind at a whopping $160 million!

Yes, they’re gonna party like its 2009 to welcome the new President to his post. It sounds to me like there’s going to be more glitz and glamour than Hollywood itself, with stars such as George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Jay-Z and Beyonce making an appearance, and there’s just a handful. In fact, anyone in the music and film industry who hasn’t been invited i can imagine are pretty disappointed… could this mean they no longer matter in the world of stardom?!

… It’s an exciting time for the US and i’m sure we’ll all watch snippets of the bash on our TV sets. Barack Obama has become a celebrity in his own right and i’m sure Will Smith isn’t the only person who has 100% faith in him to do a good job.

I’m just wondering how I could go about getting a dream guestlist like his to one of my parties?!

Patrick Swayze speaks out about cancer battle

January 8, 2009

Thursday 8th January 2009

Patrick Swayze has spoken out about his cancer hell and believes he may have only two years left to live.

The popular Dirty Dancing star was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in January 2008, which is one of the hardest forms of the disease to treat successfully, with only a 5% success rate.

In his first interview since he got the terrible news that devastated women across the world, he admitted the fact that he might not beat the disease, but is still very hopeful and is trying to stay optimistic. And so are we.

He has worked so hard since the diagnosis that he has only missed one and a half days of work! Now that’s a trooper!

We hope Patrick manages to beat the cancer successfully and we have everything crossed for him.

Watch the interview here.

Get Lippy!

November 5, 2008

Wednesday 5th November

I don’t know about everyone else, but my lips are becoming drier and more chapped by the day. By Christmas they’re going to look like paper! So I thought on my lunch, i would go up to Superdrug and buy a lipsalve to protect them from the cold… only to find there were too many to choose from, and a couple i have bought before and found they had no effect on my lips or just didn’t like them.

I didn’t buy one, instead i decided to research them on the internet only to come across Plush Folly, which shows you how to make your own cosmetics. OK, so you’re probably never going to develop a miracle wrinkle cream, but it could be worth looking at the recipe for your own lip balm. It uses cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba wax, jojoba oil and castor oil. It even gives you tips on making it flavoured!

One good thing about this is that it’s completely natural and you know exactly what you’re applying to your prescious skin!

Anyone else got any lip balm recipes to share?

Money for you or for charity

October 30, 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

I hope you are enjoying the SkinGenesis blog.  It’s a great place to meet and share interests, but what if you could write about your passions and earn money?  Well, there is a place to do this and it’s called Squidoo.  A cross between a blog and collection of simple web pages Squidoo currently has 700,000 pages and if you join in that will make 700,001!  The site carries advertising and affiliate links and a proportion of the money raised goes to charity, or to you – you choose! 

As they say, “everyone’s Squidooing it”, and I’ve started to make some pages (they call them ‘lenses’) as a shop window for SkinGenesis.  But you could make a lens about halloween costumes, or 13th century suits of armour, and people will find you in Squiddoo!  It’s a lot simpler than having your own website – it costs nothing to set up, and it could earn you money.

To get the idea, have a look at my lenses – and please leave comments and give a star rating – and above all, join in and share your passions!

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Laser/ IPL Hair Removal Treatments

Wrinkle treatment Jargon Busting!

October 22, 2008

Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Well, it’s two weeks since we posted the poll on our homepage and the results have been very interesting indeed. When asked if you knew what one or more of the following words meant – Penta-Peptides, Coenzyme Q10, Proxylane, Marine Bio-Peptides, Pro-Retinol A – a whopping 89% of you said no! Which shows that most people feel confused when buying anti aging creams.  Hopefully our clinic wrinkle treatment is easier to understand.

In fact, some companies even make names up to make them sound more medical, such as ‘derma-ceutical’. They really do this to cover their own backs and keep sales high, because if they were to give it a wholly medical term, chances are they would have to sell it behind the counter in pharmacies, making it less accessible to you.

Confused? Don’t worry, you can read more about mind-boggling wrinkle creams, and you’ll also find a handy little wrinkle treatment jargon buster too to help explain what the words mean! i-Village have also given tips on what to eat to keep those crows feet at bay!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll!

Make fake look fabulous!

October 21, 2008

Tuesday 21st October 2008

We’ve noticed the trend for fake tan is on the rise again, presumably because for some strange reason winter makes your skin go grey and dull and having a bit of colour is for most women generally just a great pick-me-up.

We’ve also noticed a couple of the celebrities getting it wrong, one example is Christina Aguilera at Beauty and the Dirt – here, the girls give you the low down on how to apply fake tan and avoid looking like you’ve been tangoed!

A few tips from us would be:

  • Apply with gloves – no one likes to see brown fingernails or patches of tan around the knuckles
  • Take care around the knees, elbows and ankles – again to avoid patches, apply evenly and sparingly
  • Less is definitely more – work up a colour gradually so that it’s not too noticable when your skin turns a few shades darker without even stepping foot in the Caribbean! Dove Summer Glow is a good one for a budget tan, or if you do want a quick fix, Xen-Tan will give you a natural look within a matter of hours… you shall go to the ball!

Share your tan-tips here!