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Boykini – Bikini Hair removal for Men

April 16, 2011

We love it when a new term is coined.  The latest to be spotted is ‘Boykini’ to represent the male ‘bikini line’ – an area which is getting more attention with the return to popularity of Speedos.

The article I read revealed a trend for Scottish men to tidy up beneath their kilts and get laser hair removal treatment in time for summer.  We all know regular waxing as a means of bikini hair removal is a pain (sorry!), so this trend could be here to stay.


Prime Minister buys laser hair removal equipment

April 13, 2011

No, not Dave, but Silvio – the embattled PM of Italy.  In his current corruption trial – he has 2 others pending! – he claims he gave money to a Moroccan-born starlet with the best of intentions.

The 45,000 euros payment is not in question, but the argument continues what it was for.  The prosecution alleges it was to have sex with her (she was underage at the time so Silvio faces 3 years in jail if found guilty) but the ever resourceful Silvio claims it was for her to buy a laser hair removal machine!

“The girl told me a very sorrowful story, which moved me. So I gave her a chance to open a beauty clinic with a friend of hers,” he said.

As they say, “the trial continues”…

Bargain Hair Removal – Who Pays?

March 17, 2011

Picked up a news story about complaints made about group purchasing site Groupon.  These seem to fall into 2 camps: advertisers that cannot cope with the response generated by the Groupon emailing machine, and, secondly, some of the amazingly cheap offers not being as useful as they should be.

Over the last few months there have been a rash of cheap laser hair removal deals on Groupon (other group purchasing sites are available!) – not by SkinGenesis I must add.  The news story reports that small businesses just cannot handle the large influx of clients all at once. Some have claimed having to wait 3 months for an appointment, and even then not being welcomed when they visit.

The other type of complaint concerns the packages themselves.  Regular laser hair removal users will know we always advise that a minimum of 6 sessions will be needed to see results – so why sell a package of 4?  But Groupon are happy to promote such deals, and some buyers are finding they have to buy supplementary treatments at a much higher rate.

So the message is, be sure to check the details before buying that coupon –  and don’t necessarily expect the same level of service that regular customers enjoy.

We’re back online again!

March 3, 2011

Sorry we’ve been away for a few months.   Thank you for all your lovely comments and for keeping this blog alive.

Topics I’m going to cover over the coming weeks include:

  • Hair removal as a means of survival (history lesson!)
  • Botox for your bits (hmm – not sure about that one…)
  • Stem cell creams
  • Bargain hair removal – who pays?

Plenty to write about, and for you to add your comments.  I’ll do my best to reply and look forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks and months.



Armpit beards…girls it’s really not a good look!

November 13, 2009

We were shocked to read the other day that the ultimate female celebrity faux-pas of hairy armpits is still happening! Have the new generation of celebs not learnt lessons from the embarrassment of their red carpet predecessors like Julia Roberts and Celine Dion? Apparently not.

The newest in a long line of stubble disasters is Gary Lineker’s wife and sexy underwear model Danielle Bux who reportedly stepped out into the public eye last week with a set of dark armpit beards.

We’d like to sit down with these celebs and explain to them that there is a very easy way to keeping themselves silky smooth and our advice is not to simply cover up!

For a smooth, hair free body without the stress of having to shave or wax to deal with re-growth try Variable Pulsed Light (sometimes called Laser Hair Removal). After a series of VPL sessions you won’t have to worry about hair removal again and you certainly won’t need to risk being made to look hair-larious like Danielle!

Skin Treatment Specialist Appoints New Therapist Emma Preece

August 24, 2009

Monday 24th August 2009

Emma Preece is the new girl in town at our Chester clinic – there to make your skin beautiful!

Emma, 26 from Middlewich, Cheshire joins us, the non-surgical skin treatment specialists, after starting her career in healthcare by gaining various qualifications in nursing.

Now studying for the Beauty Therapy (Science) BTEC National Diploma and after taking a slight change of career direction, Emma will embark upon her true aspirations to become a specialist skin therapist.

Emma said: “I’m really looking forward to a new career in skin therapy with SkinGenesis. I didn’t want to go into the indulgent, pampering side of beauty therapy, so instead I chose to put my nursing background to good use and focus on the more scientific and medical aspects of helping people achieve a great complexion and body image.”

Peter Beard, director of treatments at SkinGenesis, commented: “It’s fantastic to welcome such a dedicated new member to our team in Chester. Emma has a fantastic background in healthcare and some great qualifications, which means she brings with her the key skills needed to be a successful skin therapist.”

Emma will be completing her intense training programme over the next few weeks by shadowing senior therapists at the clinic, assisting with initial consultations and administering treatments to clients. Emma will specialise in all treatments, including acne treatment, skin rejuvenation and thread vein removal.

Peter added: “We take the training and development of our staff very seriously here at SkinGenesis as we are an accredited Investors in People company. Each new member of staff experiences an initial training period and then continues to develop throughout their career with in-house training and additional courses offsite, which ensures that our therapists acquire and maintain an optimum level of knowledge and awareness of best practice.”

We have clinics in Chester, Leeds and Manchester offering skincare solutions to people across the North and throughout the UK.

For more information call us on 01244 303 464 or visit

Dermamelan could help Kirsty Allsop’s Chloasma… Daily Mail got it wrong

August 12, 2009

Wednesday 12th August 2009

We were disgusted to read reports about how the Daily Mail accused Location Location Location’s presenter Kirsty Allsop of ‘sporting a moustache’, when really she was suffering from a skin condition called Chloasma.

Chloasma is a skin condition caused by hormonal fluctuations, and particularly women who have had children can get it. Chloasma causes areas of the skin to take on a darker pigmentation, which from far off (especially to the idiotic eyes of some celeb gossips), could i suppose, look like hair or as the Daily Mail put it, a moustache.

The newspaper has quite rightly apologised to Kirsty since the mistake was made and there has been a lot of support online from fans. As Kirsty quite rightly pointed out, it’s a small price to pay for the joys of having children. Of course it’s not ideal having darker patches of skin and there are depigmentation treatments out there that promote healthy skin renewal and enable the skin to regain its natural lighter tone. But if it doesn’t bother you like Kirsty, there’s nothing to worry about!

Dermamelan depigmentation treatment is one of the most effective treatments available for chloasma.

Have you suffered from Chloasma before? Tell us about it by posting a comment!

Body hair removal – get rid of annoying body hair forever

August 3, 2009

Monday 3rd August 2009

It’s one of the most annoying things for both men and women and getting rid can be a real chore. IPL body hair removal can help by removing unwanted hair permanently.

In women, body hair can range from fine, but visible hairs on the thighs right through to darker, thicker unwanted hair on the forearms and even other parts of the body and the face.

Most male body hair doesn’t cause a problem, however some men prefer to remove excess hair from their back or chest – particularly if it grows quite thick and dark. IPL can remove hair from large areas using a wider treatment head, so no area is too large.

There are many methods of hair removal around, such as shaving, waxing and sugaring, however the effects of these methods are not very long-lasting. IPL body hair removal can remove hair permanently with a number of treatments.

It works by applying a short burst of light to the hair follical, making it incapable of further growth. It really is as simple as that. The reason you may need to come in for a few treatments is because the hair needs to be ‘zapped’ during its growth stage. If it is dormant, the hair will grow back and will need another treatment. The treatment is very comfortable and can save you money in the long term.

If your body hair is really getting you down, or you’re simply just sick of waxing or shaving your legs, bikini or underarms, maybe it’s time to consider IPL?

Visit for more information.

Facial hair removal has never been more simple

July 20, 2009

Monday 20th July 2009

Excess, unwanted hair on the face can be an embarrassing problem, however facial hair removal has never been simpler thanks to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatment.

Whether you have a bit too much hair across the top of the lip, or a few noticable longer hairs around the chin area, facial hair removal treatments can give you a smoother, hair-free face and its results are long-lasting.

See what Kuldeep has to say about her hair removal treatments:

Facial hair can arise during pregnancy and due to other hormone imbalances, for example when using HRT. If you are pregnant, you will not be given treatment, however in most other cases, treatment is very simple. It is worth noting that IPL doesn’t work on red, white or grey hair, however most unwanted hair is darker, hence why it causes such a problem.

IPL, often called laser facial hair removal, works by the therapist placing the machine on the affected area to deliver bursts of light from the IPL machine, which heat the hair follicles and make the root incapable of further hair growth. You may need several treatments because IPL only eradicates those hairs that are in the growth stage.

If you are worried or embarrassed by you facial hair and are sick of waxing and bleaching, we do offer a confidential consulation to everyone to assess whether you are compatible with the treatment. There’s absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the treatment, and is available to those who live near or can travel to Leeds, Manchester or Chester for treatment.

Permanent hair reduction selling like hot cakes!

July 13, 2009

Monday 13th July 2009

Permanent hair removal is proving extremely popular this summer with scores of women booking in for their underarms, legs and bikini lines zapping with our IPL machine.

Unwanted hair can be a real pain for women, and men, all year round, not just ahead of the summer holidays. Shaving is tedious, waxing excruciating and sugaring, well, too faffy.

Long lasting hair removal can in the long term be permanent, and it can be months instead of weeks before you need another treatment. One word of warning, you cannot expect to be hair-free after just one or two treatments. You will need a programme of treatments over time for best results and then you will need the occasional treatment to maintain your hair and ensure you keep those persistent few hairs at bay.

Stick with it and you will definitely see fantastic results!