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Botox and Animal Testing

July 25, 2011

It’s good news that Botox wrinkle treatment makers, Allergan Inc., have doggedly pursued the development of a new test for its Botox production line.

Up to now, each batch has been tested on live animals to comply with US Food and Drug Administration – FDA – rules.  But Allergan scientists have painstakingly worked for 10 years to perfect a test on cells in a lab dish.

“Our hat is off to the company,” says Martin Stephens, vice president for animal research issues at the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.C.

In addition to being more humane, these experiments often promise better results more quickly and cheaply than the classic tests with mice or rabbits.


Boykini – Bikini Hair removal for Men

April 16, 2011

We love it when a new term is coined.  The latest to be spotted is ‘Boykini’ to represent the male ‘bikini line’ – an area which is getting more attention with the return to popularity of Speedos.

The article I read revealed a trend for Scottish men to tidy up beneath their kilts and get laser hair removal treatment in time for summer.  We all know regular waxing as a means of bikini hair removal is a pain (sorry!), so this trend could be here to stay.

Prime Minister buys laser hair removal equipment

April 13, 2011

No, not Dave, but Silvio – the embattled PM of Italy.  In his current corruption trial – he has 2 others pending! – he claims he gave money to a Moroccan-born starlet with the best of intentions.

The 45,000 euros payment is not in question, but the argument continues what it was for.  The prosecution alleges it was to have sex with her (she was underage at the time so Silvio faces 3 years in jail if found guilty) but the ever resourceful Silvio claims it was for her to buy a laser hair removal machine!

“The girl told me a very sorrowful story, which moved me. So I gave her a chance to open a beauty clinic with a friend of hers,” he said.

As they say, “the trial continues”…

Bargain Hair Removal – Who Pays?

March 17, 2011

Picked up a news story about complaints made about group purchasing site Groupon.  These seem to fall into 2 camps: advertisers that cannot cope with the response generated by the Groupon emailing machine, and, secondly, some of the amazingly cheap offers not being as useful as they should be.

Over the last few months there have been a rash of cheap laser hair removal deals on Groupon (other group purchasing sites are available!) – not by SkinGenesis I must add.  The news story reports that small businesses just cannot handle the large influx of clients all at once. Some have claimed having to wait 3 months for an appointment, and even then not being welcomed when they visit.

The other type of complaint concerns the packages themselves.  Regular laser hair removal users will know we always advise that a minimum of 6 sessions will be needed to see results – so why sell a package of 4?  But Groupon are happy to promote such deals, and some buyers are finding they have to buy supplementary treatments at a much higher rate.

So the message is, be sure to check the details before buying that coupon –  and don’t necessarily expect the same level of service that regular customers enjoy.

We’re back online again!

March 3, 2011

Sorry we’ve been away for a few months.   Thank you for all your lovely comments and for keeping this blog alive.

Topics I’m going to cover over the coming weeks include:

  • Hair removal as a means of survival (history lesson!)
  • Botox for your bits (hmm – not sure about that one…)
  • Stem cell creams
  • Bargain hair removal – who pays?

Plenty to write about, and for you to add your comments.  I’ll do my best to reply and look forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks and months.



Facial Fillers are Back in the News

November 4, 2008

Tuesday 4th November 2008

From time to time the cosmetic/ aesthetic industry can get ahead of itself and introduce new products for which the long term consequences are not yet known.  An example of this is the recent introduction of ‘permanent’ facial dermal fillers which contain substances that cannot be absorbed by the body.

You may be surprised that UK and European regulation is quite lax – certainly far more lax than the US – and there have been claims that manufacturers are using the UK market to test products before submitting them for stringent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests in the US. Talk about human guinea pigs!! To find out more read my article Are Facial Dermal Fillers Safe?

In the meantime, read my top tips below when thinking about having fillers:

  • Have the procedure carried out by a doctor
  • Ask to see their training certificates and testimonials from happy clients
  • Find out whether the filler is temporary or permanent.  Question whether you really need a permanent filler.
  • You might be told the filler is ‘semi-permanent’.  Find out what this means and why it’s being recommended.
  • Ask who manufactures the filler.  Big names such as Allergan, Bio-Form, Q-Med and sanofi-aventis will have had extensive trials.*

*Filler procedures at SkinGenesis clinics are carried out qualified dostors who use Allergan, Bio-Form and Q-Med products.

Eating with the seasons

October 30, 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

Did you read Hayley’s post “Lazy Living Cuts Life Expectancy by 14 Years”?  We’ve all heard the ‘better diet, more exercise’ advice before – but what if you could combine the 2?!

We developed a couple of theories(!) in the early days of SkinGenesis that a lot of modern health problems are down to people not eating ‘seasonally’, and that food was being ruined by over-processing.  Read our Seasonal Lifestyle Eating Plan for the reasons behind the theories and some practical advice.

If you’ve got a  bit of time – and a garden/ allotment – growing your own veg achieves the twin goals of gentle exercise and a supply of seasonal, unprocessed food.  Bingo!  But at least walking to the shops and taking care to pick local produce will achieve the same thing….

Let me know your favourite seasonal food and any tips for growing your own!

Money for you or for charity

October 30, 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

I hope you are enjoying the SkinGenesis blog.  It’s a great place to meet and share interests, but what if you could write about your passions and earn money?  Well, there is a place to do this and it’s called Squidoo.  A cross between a blog and collection of simple web pages Squidoo currently has 700,000 pages and if you join in that will make 700,001!  The site carries advertising and affiliate links and a proportion of the money raised goes to charity, or to you – you choose! 

As they say, “everyone’s Squidooing it”, and I’ve started to make some pages (they call them ‘lenses’) as a shop window for SkinGenesis.  But you could make a lens about halloween costumes, or 13th century suits of armour, and people will find you in Squiddoo!  It’s a lot simpler than having your own website – it costs nothing to set up, and it could earn you money.

To get the idea, have a look at my lenses – and please leave comments and give a star rating – and above all, join in and share your passions!

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