China could benefit from fat reduction as obesity rates soar


Far reduction treatments could be on the cards for some of China’s population as wealth makes obesity rates soar.

Some citizens of this wealthy nation are finding that they have large disposable incomes, which means they’re spending more money and buying more things. This includes food, which has seen obesity rates soar in recent years.

Currently at 100 million, the number of obese people living in China is relatively small to its overall population, but experts predict that this number could double within just five years.

If China acts now, they can avoid a potential public health crisis further down the line.

Obesity is a gradual condition, but once people get there, it can be very difficult to get back into shape.

To avoid letting weight gain get too far, and to dodge being diagnosed as clinically obese, the traditional advice of following a healthy balance diet and getting regular exercise is just what the doctor ordered. Fat reduction treatments, such as mesotherapy can give your weightloss attempt a boost by breaking down fats and moving them naturally out of the lymphatic system.

Here’s a picture of one of our real clients who underwent mesotherapy fat reduction treatment – so you can see it really works:

Fat reduction by mesotherapy - real before and after images


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