BBQ weather calls for greater sun protection


In true British style, the last couple of weekends had us rushing to our wardrobes and digging out our shorts and sunglasses in order to maximise our enjoyment of the warm weather this year. But how many people remembered to wear sun protection cream and dodge the rays at peak times of the day? Thought not!

We all like to make the most of the warmer months, but binge-tanning when you’re out in the garden is not good for your health. Sunburn is painful and uncomfortable and really not worth it if you just peel instead of tan. It also increases your chances of developing skin cancer so it’s good to be sensible in the sun and enjoy it whilst it lasts.

A tan may be fashionable, but did you know that when your skin darkens, it is your body’s natural way of telling you that you have damaged your skin?

We believe that with so many effective fake tan products available, it is much safer to apply an artificial tan than bake your body in the sun and risk your health.

Read our top tips on sun protection.

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