Dangers of tanning exposed by Girls Aloud star


With summer just around the corner and after a long cold winter, sunbed use and fake tanning is on the rise again, but earlier this year Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts tried to turn tan-fans’ attention to the dangers of sun exposure.

Skin cancer, long term deep wrinkles and general skin damage are all that you are risking when you hit the rays for that short burst of the feel-good factor. But whilst you may receive the odd compliment about ‘how well you look’, people might be saying the complete opposite in five to ten years time.

The link below is a real eye-opener, which shows two case studies – one a man in his twenties who uses sunbeds five to six times per week (yes, per week!), as well as using a range of fake-tanning products to give himself a top up. The other is a girl who has an expert skin analysis under a UV lamp, which shows the dramatic damage that has been done to her face after years of sun exposure. Let’s just say, she is quite shocked.

English Rose Nicola talks about the pressures she faced in the popular girl band to look the same as the other members and admits that she went through a stint of constant tanning.

The expert in the clip also makes the important point that as the skin becomes damaged, it swells slightly, which temporarily plumps up the skin the smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. Of course this is very short-lived and not worth the long term pain of having deep-set wrinkles later in life.

You can watch the clip ‘The Truth About Tanning’ here.

Everyone likes to have a little glow, and limited sun exposure is important for the body to produce vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium for strong healthy bones and to avoid osteoporosis. It’s all about achieving a balance and being sensible in the sun – wear a sun protection factor of 30, seek shade between 11am and 3pm and do not use sun beds. And if you really want a tan – play it safe and fake it!

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