Full face transplant successful on shooting accident victim


A victim who lost half his face in a shooting accident has had a successful complete face transplant.

30 surgeons in Spain spent 22 hours reconstructing the man’s face and say it is the world’s first full face transplant ever to be conducted. The man is said to be recovering well in hospital after the surgical team replaced his cheekbones, nose, lips and cheeks – the entire face of a donor.

The BBC reports that 10 other face transplants have been carried out around the world, however this the first full face transplant.

It’s amazing what a talented group of cosmetic surgeons can achieve these days and for extreme, medical cases such as this one, surgery is often the only option. We just hope that the man in question can accept his new face and live a full life.

Surgical options should not however be taken lightly. Many people have body hang ups, such as deep set wrinkles, excess fat and bumps on their noses, but we would always urge people considering minor cosmetic adjustments to explore their options first. Find out what counselling is available, or look into non-surgical natural skin treatments so that you can make a fully informed decision on your own future.



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