Alcohol helps you lose weight? We’re not so sure


Latest news reports state that moderate drinking of red wine is likely to help you lose weight and reduce fat, but with each small glass totalling around 120 calories – is it really worth the risk?

In recent years we’ve had it drilled into us that drinking alcohol puts on weight, that it’s fattening and basically quite bad for your health. But then we’ve also been told that drinking like they do on the continent – the odd small glass with a meal or in the evening – can actually be quite beneficial…

We don’t know about you, but we’re a bit confused. And drinking wine would certainly not be on the top of our ‘most effective weightloss methods’ list! We predict that most people (i.e. those outside of the controlled conditions of any piece of research) would probably just gain weight and be more unhappy with their size than when they started.

It was also acknowledged that the results of the research would also have been affected by individuals’ lifestyle choices, such as exercise and diet.

We don’t think there’s anything more effective than good old fashioned exercise for losing weight, either down the gym or running round a park, as well as making healthy choices when it comes to which foods you eat. The occasional treat is fine – even wine! Just as long as you do everything in moderation. And if you want to be certain of shifting some fat – perhaps for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion – mesotherapy fat reduction treatments can work wonders!

Mesotherapy fat reduction treatments - before and after


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    Wow, I wish!

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