Overweight couple take on radical fat reduction in order to fly


An overweight couple from Southampton have dramatically lost over 210lbs after being told to move on a flight to spread out their weight, the BBC reports.

Alan and Jan Coupe decided to take on their biggest weightloss challenge yet after being told to switch seats on a flight from Southampton to Guernsey to balance out the weight. Embarrassed and slightly horrified, this was the push that was needed to kick start Alan and Jan’s new, slimmer life.

And they say they couldn’t be happier! They can now see the reasons why airlines decide to charge additional levies on additional weight – and not just for an extra suitcase. Jan says she would urge other people who may currently struggle with their weight to get the help they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Watch their video at the link above.

Many of our clients at SkinGenesis approach us for help in shifting their excess weight, and through a tried and tested fat reduction method called mesotherapy, our results are outstanding and just keep getting better. The before and after shots of one of our clients shows just how dramatic the effects can be (Top tip: apply fake tan to accentuate the weightloss!):

Fat reduction treatment, before and after

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