80% more ‘moob jobs’ as men opt for cosmetic treatments


Monday 1st February 2010

The BAAPS has reported a huge 80% rise in the number of males seeking cosmetic surgery on their ‘moobs’ in just the last year.

And the BBC reports that one surgeon blames it on the increasing pressure that men are feeling from the media. Sound familiar ladies?

We’re not surprised by these stats at all. In fact it was only a matter of time before men started feeling apprehensive about their looks as the muscle-flexing, wash-board stomach ideal is portrayed as being the norm. Like women, who have endured this pressure for years, men are now influenced by countless TV programmes and magazine features to ‘get in touch with their feminine side’, ‘use guyliner’, ‘stay trim for the beach’ etc etc.

With the rise in obesity and the ‘want-it-now’ culture that we live in, it appears easier for people to turn to the knife for a quick fix here and there, and we thoroughly believe that the rise is due to increased awareness of what can be done about body hang ups.

We would always urge people – men and women – to consider the alternatives before resorting to surgical cosmetic enhancements. Targeted fat reduction is a natural method of losing fat in problem areas, without the need for any invasive procedures. Coupled with a good exercise regime and a healthy balanced diet, it will help shed any excess baggage around the chest, waist and thighs.


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