Celebrity anti-ageing secrets!


Thursday 21st January 2010

With celebrities being constantly in the public eye, it’s imperative that they look good. Every other week we see articles about how good someone famous looks for their age, what is their secret?

Many would say Botox or cosmetic surgery, however there are many celebrities who swear they have never gone near any sharp implements.

British beauty and TV chef Nigella Lawson showed what good home-cooked food can do for the skin after looking enviably youthful on her 50th birthday.

And it’s not just the ladies who stay forever young. Johnny Depp doesn’t look a day over 30 with his flawless skin and chiselled looks.

Here’s the secret: non-surgical cosmetic treatments. That’s right, you need not pay the earth for going under the knife, only for your face to sag and wrinkle again within a few years. Instead you spread out the cost over the years and maintain your skin by having regular upkeep skin treatments.

IPL, skin peels and microdermabrasion are the favourites – and the most effective… according to our clients anyway, and we’d definitely agree!

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4 Responses to “Celebrity anti-ageing secrets!”

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  4. Debrah Rabell Says:

    Hey, I liked the post. I recently celebrated my 5 year anniversary of my first Botox appointment date and I am still very content with my skin. I’m sure the doctors are improving by the day, too. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

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