Scientists crack the code for a ‘perfect face’


Monday 21st December 2009

Scientists at the University of Toronto believe they may have worked out the dimensions for the ‘perfect face’.

Yes, apparently the most attractive female face depends on the measurements between the eyes, ears and mouth, with singer Shania Twain coming out tops in celeb-land.

The vertical distance between the eyes and mouth should be 36% of the overall length of her face, from hairline to chin. The horizontal distance between a woman’s pupils should then be 46% of the width of her face from ear to ear.

So we have a question… what if we don’t measure up? Are these scientists saying that we are not beautiful?! If so, we beg differ. Many of our clients come into our clinic seeking the perfect complexion, and long to achieve perfection. But we are strong believers in the fact that everyone is attractive in their own right, and by offering expert skin and body treatments, we can help people achieve their idea of perfection with natural, pain-free cosmetic treatments.

We say, take no notice of the University of Toronto! If we all looked the same, that would be incredibly boring and what one person finds attractive, someone else might not.

Book in for a free expert skin analysis now at SkinGenesis and see how you can maximise on your beauty.


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