It’s party season! Better have a skin treatment!


Thursday 3rd December 2009

Christmas is drawing nearer and the party season is upon us! As women across the UK dig to back of their wardrobes to see which sparkly number they can revive and customise with new glitzy accessories and shoes, many people don’t stop to think about getting their skin shape – which let’s face it, is the first thing people will look at before your outfit.

With the harsh winter weather, it’s easy to let your facial skin become dry and chapped, and its not until the night before a big party that you realise you should have taken action to give yourself a glow!

But fear not. At this early stage of December, you still have time to buff and polish the skin to perfection with the SkinSpa menu.

SkinSpa provides single-session treatments from which you can pick and choose skin treatments that will cleanse, rejuvenate and tone the skin, leaving you looking radiant.

No need to start treatments weeks in advance. SkinSpa has been designed to provide one-off visit treatments in the clinic for convenience, whilst gaining all the benefits of our traditional skin treatment programmes.

Take a look below and find out more info at:


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