Cosmetic surgery industry is an unregulated mess


Monday 16th November 2009

We all love a good old two-for-one offer down our local supermarket or on cocktails on our Saturday nights out, but is it really necessary to offer such deals on risky cosmetic surgery?

President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Nigel Mercer, has labelled the industry as an ‘unregulated mess’ and like us, thinks that the whole industry should be more tightly regulated, because let’s face it, surgery is serious stuff!

Sure, we as non-surgical cosmetic experts offer the odd BOGOF promotion on our refreshing skin peels for example, but that’s hardly the same as offering a free nose job with every breast augmentation is it?

Cosmetic surgery regulations in the US are very strict, with bodies such as the FDA having to approve all products and procedures prior to anything being commercially available. Over here in the UK, pretty much anything goes!

The industry already has a bit of a bad reputation, with horror stories of surgery holidays abroad and tales of cowboy-surgery-gone-wrong cropping up every other month. By tightening regulations, the practice would gain merit and more respect. At the moment it’s safe to say that this field is fuelled by greed, encouraging people who may be quite vulnerable to part with more cash and have more work done than they initially intended  or felt they needed.

Non-surgical options are much safer and more efficient, such as mesotherapy fat reduction as an alternative to liposuction, or SkinGym 40-day skin rejuvenation instead of a painful, surgical facelift.

Of course, any fans of Gok Wan will know that beauty comes from the confidence within, so before you act hastily, think about whether any cosmetic treatments really are for you. You might decide that afterall you’re happy with your appearance and were just going through a bad patch. If you do decide to have skin treatments however, think very carefully before opting for risky surgery.

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