Hubble Bubble Toil and Wart Removal Trouble


Thursday 29th October 2009

It’s almost Halloween and we are raising awareness of the prevalence of skin warts – not just on the chins of those dressing up as witches!

Warts are small, harmless benign tumours of the skin caused by the human papilloma virus, affecting thousands of people year-round with few treatments delivering a lasting effect.

With a scary ability to spread and manifest anywhere on the body, warts more commonly appear on highly visible areas such as the face, hands and feet.

Specialist treatments like VPL (variable pulsed light) therapy have been developed as powerful, new-generation wart removal techniques, effective after just several treatments. Lotions and potions bought over the counter can either be risky or have a minimal effect.

Peter Beard, skin expert and director at SkinGenesis, said: “Warts are commonly associated with witches and Halloween, so October is the perfect chance to raise awareness of them and show what can be done to treat warts once and for all.

“There are plenty of concoctions and creams out there that claim to freeze your warts, however they can often return and people end up back to where they started. VPL literally gets to the core of the problem and after just a couple of treatments, people can walk away with smooth skin and much more confidence.”

Wart removal treatment costs a single fixed price of £225, regardless of how many treatments are needed.

As if by magic, after just several VPL treatments, the whole body can be wart-free in a matter of weeks by targeting only one or two growths, regardless of how many others you may have.

Topical products containing salicylic acid must be used with caution as they can damage the surrounding skin. A doctor may alternatively freeze warts using liquid nitrogen or surgical methods, which can both result in scarring.

Common warts typically appear on the hands and are grey or flesh coloured and have a raised structure. Plantar warts are harder to treat as they grow into the skin appearing on the soles of the feet, whilst flat warts often grow on the face and hands and can spread rapidly.

VPL wart removal treatment eradicates warts quickly and safely with no risk of secondary infection. It works by delivering a high energy thermal shock deep inside the wart causing the casing to break. This in turn causes the body’s immune system to respond by creating antibodies that will have an antiviral effect on warts all over the body.

Don’t be mistaken for a witch this Halloween – to find out more visit and book your free consultation.

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