Wii Fit Plus officially tackles obesity and aids fat reduction


Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus is the first video game to be given the Department of Health’s stamp of approval in a bid to tackle Britain’s increasing obesity problem.

Wii Fit Plus is the first of it’s kind to carry the ‘Change4Life’ logo, which shows that it is officially a great way to ‘get kids moving’.

The recommended exercise time for kids is about 60 minutes per day, which is easily achievable with such a fun and interactive game. It makes exercise fun and no longer a chore, which is why we think it’s going to be great for adults too.

In fact, those who have targeted fat reduction treatments with us will know that in order to get the best value for money, you must engage in regular exercise following mesotherapy treatments. People who do exercise will notice a dramatic difference in their fatloss than those who don’t bother and simply just rely on treatments.

And not only will you be slimmer and trimmer, you’ll also release all those lovely endorphins that fly around the body following an exercise routine, which will leave you in a fabulous mood for the rest of the day!

We predict that Santa will be getting loads of requests for Wii Fit Plus and fat reduction treatments this Christmas!

Fat reduction/mesotherapy: before and after

Fat reduction/mesotherapy: before and after


One Response to “Wii Fit Plus officially tackles obesity and aids fat reduction”

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