Plastic surgery for world’s hairiest man


Thursday 22nd October 2009

The world’s hairiest man has decided to have plastic surgery after failing an audition for the role of his dreams, The Monkey King in a TV adaptation of Journey to the West.

Zu Zhenhuan, 32 from Liaoning auditioned for the part, only to be turned down because he wasn’t ‘good looking enough’. Zu felt he was perfect for the part as 96% of his body is covered in hair and is often nicknamed ‘Monkey Man’.

So now Zu aims to make the producer regret his decision by having surgery to remove his hair and improve the look of his face. He’s already sought the advice of a plastic surgeon who has advised that he has work to widen his eyes, correct his nose, as well as the lips.

There are easier ways to permanently remove hair and give your face a lift. IPL is a wonderous treatment that not only zaps unwanted hair at the root, it can also act as the perfect anti-ageing treatment to keep you looking more beautiful and youthful.

We think Zu should keep his trademark hair and keep looking for alternative roles, without resorting to such extremes as going under the knife in the name of showbiz!

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