Naked airport security scans will see many opting for fat reduction!


Tuesday 13th October 2009

Manchester airport has installed new, state-of-the-art human x-ray machines at its security check areas, which produce a ‘naked’ picture of those who are scanned by it.

At first we thought this would be a massive breach of privacy and rather intrusive! However when you think about it, we all have that element of doubt when boarding a plane. And to be honest the traditional ‘frisk’ method of patting potential weapon wielders down to catch them in the act, doesn’t quite fill me with reassurance.

The new scanners will show up any weapon or explosive that people may be hiding underneath their layers of clothing. In recent times, we can only welcome such methods to ensure the safety of the majority who simply want to fly away to exotic locations!

Sure they produce a so-called ‘naked’ picture of you, but head of customer experience at Manchester Airport cannot stress enough that this is in the interests of passenger safety and images will be destroyed immediately after being checked.

Of course as skin and body experts, we don’t think hitting beach will be the only worry on people’s minds when they think about dieting for their winter holidays! To keep in top shape and to look good on Manchester Airport’s new scanners (!), we think more people will be considering having targeted fat reduction by mesotherapy!


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