Anti-ageing: Warnings against cosmetic surgery ‘tourism’


Wednesday 30th September 2009

It’s hard to believe, but we are still seeing cases of bad cosmetic surgery abroad, with many practitioners still failing to inform their patients of the risks and potential complications involved in plastic surgery.

The lure of a cheap alternative to Harley Street can make cosmetic surgery tourism tempting, however following the hundreds of horror stories that we all read in magazines and newspapers, it’s surprising just how many people still opt for procedures on foreign territory, just to save a few pounds.

We believe that a person’s health and wellbeing should be the most important factor. Making changes to your face and body is not a decision to take lightly, which is why it’s important to weigh up the benefits against the risk and potential complications that could arise.

Having surgery abroad could turn out to be the right option for you, as there are many reputable surgeons out there – just like here in the UK – you just have to find the right one for you. A good practitioner will always inform you of any risks, explain procedures, answer all your questions and will ensure that you are 100% happy to proceed. Make sure you meet the actual surgeon who will be carrying out the treatment too.

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and there are non-invasive skin treatments  available to save you from having to opt for painful face-lifts and risky liposuction.

Safer, cheaper and very effective, fat reduction and anti-ageing treatments that don’t involve any knives or scarring are becoming increasingly popular. You can never stop the clock or wave a magic wand to get rid of fat instantly, but IPL, mesotherapy and other non-surgical alternatives can discreetly change your appearance and make you happier.

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One Response to “Anti-ageing: Warnings against cosmetic surgery ‘tourism’”

  1. Lacey Says:

    Great point. I understand if people get plastic surgery because they need it to save their lives, but I am totally against any kind of cosmetic surgery if people are getting it to prove themselves to someone else. Or to cheat their way out of exercising to lose weight. The kind of pride and self-esteem that comes from losing weight and altering yourself through smarter lifestyle choices and better exercise plans is greater than any surgery could ever provide. If people have the option to do it themselves, they need to embrace that challenge.

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