Grazia favours skin rejuvenation over cosmetic surgery


Monday 28th September 2009

We were pleased to read this morning that Grazia’s beauty director, Annabel Jones, supports non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments over going under the knife in a bid to look younger.

The Guardian questioned whether cosmetic surgery could ever be a viable solution to ageing. Jones commented that she believed you could wind back the years by taking care of your skin, investing in a new haircut and applying good make-up.

And we agree! Non-surgical skin treatments are non-invasive, so don’t leave you with scars or the need to recover from surgical procedures. Usually after non-surgical anti-ageing treatment, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities and no one needs to know that you have been for treatments.

It’s only when people start to realise and remark that, ‘my you’re looking well’, that they may suspect that you have a new beauty regime.

Janice is one lucky woman who is delighted with the results from her SkinGym skin rejuvenation treatments. See what she has to say here:


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