Dermal fillers – minimising the risk as popularity soars


Monday 14th September 2009

The popularity of non-invasive wrinkle treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox, has more than doubled to over 470,000, as we urge people to recognise the risks of facial treatments.

Anti-ageing treatments will always be popular with the ageing woman, but we share the views of the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), whereby we think it’s important to highlight any risks involved and think that regulation of this field should more tightly regulated.

Botox parties, nail technicians, and your average beauty salon – in fact anyone who has been on a weekend course can become Botox-trained, which in our opinion can be very dangerous and risky. All our clinics are Care Quality Commission registered, and use reputable practitioners and we urge people to go to a reputable clinic or medi-spa like SkinGenesis when thinking about having facial anti-ageing treatments.

Dermal fillers are becoming as popular as Botox too, but what people often don’t realise is that there are two kinds – permanent and non-permanent. Permanent means permanent, so once the fillers are in place they will stay there. This can become a problem as you continue to age, as the face continues to move south while the filler stays in place, resulting in a quite a distorted look a few years down the line.

We offer non-permanent dermal fillers that wear off with time and require a top up. These are much more suited to most people as they work with the face as it continues to age.

Remember, you can’t stop the ageing process but you can delay it. Just make sure you do it safely!


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