Botox injections not favoured by all celebs


Thursday 10th September 2009

It seems that Botox injections are not favoured by all celebrities after actor Colin Firth expressed concern over the ability to act if your face becomes frozen.

He likened it to the act of making sure the strings of a violin don’t vibrate and said that by paralysing the muscles in the face, you were essentially preventing yourself from being able to act… too bad if you’re an ACTor!

However most people who have Botox do so to smooth out deep set wrinkles, as well as unwanted fine lines. The intention of having Botox is not to rid yourself of any expression whatsoever, rather it is to reclaim your youth and enjoy a smooth face – there’s no harm in that surely?

Of course Firth did admit that he’s not against cosmetic surgery and other skin rejuvenation treatments completely, and said that if he found something that worked and looked good, he would definitely try it.

Maybe we should get on the phone to his agent and let him know about SkinGym and the SkinSpa menu?!


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