Expert Skin Analysis Exposes Teenage Girls Boozey Binge Skin Damage


Tuesday 1st September 2009

An international survey has revealed that teenage girls are having more boozey binges than ever before, which not only means they are risking their health, but also their appearance.

In fact for anyone who drinks alcohol regularly, especially lots of it, they are unfortunately drinking their good looks away prematurely too, as alcohol wreaks havoc on the skin. Just to name a few problems:

  • Dry, flaky skin – due to excessive dehydration… not a good look
  • More likely to bruise – due to lack of vitamin C
  • Increased likelyhood of psoriasis – red blemishes with silvery flakes

I could go on. We’ve developed an Expert Skin Analysis which basically assesses your skin, tells you what state it’s in and then the therapist can advise on the next best steps to take to rectify any skin damage.

Watch the process of the expert skin analysis below on Channel M


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