Hot New Hair Removal Trend Alert!.. Shaved eyebrows?!


Thursday 27th August 2009

Apparently, the ‘hot new trend’ for winter is reaching for the razor and whipping off those lovely arching brows you took so long over the summer trying to perfect.

Shaved eyebrows?! Isn’t that facial hair removal gone mad?

Are these fashion gurus out of their minds? The first thing we thought of when we heard about it is ‘what about the stubble and regrowth?!’ That surely would NOT be a good look?

If you do find that you simply cannot control yourself and you do decide to follow trend this season coming, do not fear for when the fad fades, as semi-permanent make up can give you back your brows in no time.

Using precision and a steady hand, semi-permanent make-up artists are as skilled as tattooists – which is just as well when it comes to your face! If you shave your brows or find they’re getting a bit thin on the ground, semi permanent make up micropigmentation can give you fuller brows that frame your face.

We would strongly advise against the bald eye look – we think it looks a bit strange – perhaps bleaching could work instead… or here’s an idea: leave them alone!


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