Fat Reduction Could Benefit Apple Shaped Women at Risk From Asthma


Tuesday 25th August 2009

Research has shown that apple-shaped women could be more at risk of developing asthma.

Women with a waistline of 88cm or more, even those who have a normal body weight, could develop breathing problems such as asthma. It was a study that was carried out on over 88,000 women, meaning results and findings are potentially quite significant.

But before you all rush out for quick liposuction fix, we are urging people not to go under the knife in a bid to shed the pounds and risk your health further. Natural methods of fat reduction are available, such as mesotherapy and can leaving you looking slimmer in a matter of weeks.

Eporex mesotherapy is what we use at SkinGenesis and traditional mesotherapy is the prefered way to get rid of fat amongst Parisien women in particular, where it has been popular for over 60 years.

Through isophoresis, it works by non-invasively introducing natural compounds of minerals underneath the skin, which helps to get stored fat deposits moving and improve the body’s metabolism. There’s no need for needles, knifes or scars like traditional mesotherapy, in fact it can feel quite therapeutic!

Take a look at the before and afters below, and why not watch what Lewis has to say about his fat reduction treatments on YouTube?





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