Kangen Water – Yet Another Acne Treatment Fad


Tuesday 18th August 2009

Every month there seems to be new research from skin boffins telling us of a revolutionary new way to relieve acne. In the past these miracle cures have manifested in the form of green tea bags, Frutels chocolate, and now Kangen water.

Kangen, Japanese for ‘return to origin’, has gained fame in Asia and the USA with claims that the PH level of the water produced by their alkaline water ionizers is highly beneficial for those of us plagued by unsightly spots.

Kangen filters to date will set you back around $4000, and so are definitely unlikely to feature in many of our current budgets. The latest in a long line of pseudo-science based treatments that will only succeed in relieving you of a large amount of your hard earned cash, the benefits of Kangen water have already been discredited by many leading researchers, not to mention whole websites dedicated to the financial side of the ‘Kangen’ scam.

Rather than be ripped off by some far-fetched and unproven water filter, why not consider intense pulsed light treatment (IPL), microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, all shown to have worked wonders on spots and acne breakouts. What’s more, SkinGenesis will work with you individually to create a programme specifically for you and your own skin requirements.

Natural acne treatments fuel healthy skin renewal and help prevent future occurrences.  You will also be given powerful acne treatment products for use at your own convenience at home, designed to work alongside and boost the clinic skin acne treatment so you get the best sustainable result in the shortest possible time.

Visit www.skingenesis.co.uk/treatments/acne-treatment.html to get your free acne treatment information pack


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