‘Fat friends’ means overweight you… targeted fat reduction


Friday 31st July 2009

The latest research from the University of Hawaii, USA has revealed a link between obesity and social circles.

In a nutshell, it suggests that people who have overweight friends tend to gain weight more easily themselves, taking on each others habits until it forms some kind of weight problem like obesity.

When we socialise with the same people regularly, it’s only natural that we adopt the same behavioural patterns as each other, and if that is eating indulgent foods and dining out, it’s also natural that we put on weight! There’s no science to it at all!

Summer however is the time when people think about kick starting a fitness regime, but many people will tell you that intense sessions at the gym don’t last for long and it soon becomes a bit of a chore. If cheating is more your thing, coupled with a bit of light exercise everyday, just so you don’t feel guilty, maybe you should consider mesotherapytargeted fat reduction.

But don’t ditch your mates just yet. Losing weight CAN be fun and can become a social thing that you all enjoy. Supporting and encouraging each other in your weight loss can keep you motivated and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone. What’s more, at SkinGenesis we run a ‘refer a friend scheme’, which provides all of you with discount off your mesotherapy treatments.

Even the men are doing it. Take a look at our client Lewis’s testimonial:



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