Permanent hair removal for men – the best a man can get!


Monday 27th July 2009

Gillette have launched some great macho ‘beauty’ videos for men, the first of which advises ‘how to shave your groin’:

WHAT?!! I hear most men say. Shaving? The groin?! Surprisingly, there is quite a large market for hair removal for men.

As more and more men become increasingly conscious about looking good, particularly those who are heading to the beach this summer, we have witnessed an influx of men looking for the perfect hair removal solution…

Introducing, INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) TREATMENT – the best (permanent hair removal treatment) a man can get! (Get it?!)

There’s no risk of razor burn, cuts, scrapes or ingrown hairs – in fact it’s the easiest method of male hair removal around and no one ever need know about it!

Without boring you too much with all the science, IPL delivers short bursts of light energy to the skin, which heat up the hair follical, making it incapable of further growth.

So don’t waste precious time trying to shave safely and think about having IPL. Results can be permanent, meaning you can get on with worrying about more important holiday issues like enjoying a summer beer, swimming in the pool and impressing the ladies!


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One Response to “Permanent hair removal for men – the best a man can get!”

  1. Michelle Nerobi Says:

    Hair removal for men is a growing trend. I do feel sorry for my brother who’s quite hairy and goes for painful wax sessions .. IPL treatments work well him now but costly.

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