Non surgical facelift – all the benefits, without the knife


Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Dreaming of having a facelift but don’t want to go under the knife? Well now you don’t have to with our fabulous non-surgical facelift.

We all know that our skin loses its elasticity and resilience over time and a surgical facelift does nothing to address this issue and works simply by tightening the skin. A non-surgical facelift works by restoring the fitness and health of facial skin, retrainingĀ it to produce collagen and regain its plumpness and youthful appearance.

Skin rejuvenation treatments that tackle the causes of skin problems will always work better than a quick fix on something that’s already happened. Going under the knife does nothing to slow the aging process, therefore even after you’ve had surgery, your skin continues to sag, droop and wrinkle.

A non-surgical facelift is the natural alternative to the dramatic, extreme and painful surgical option. Regaining a more youthful you over time, rather than overnight will also be less noticable to other people and when people start to tell you, ‘You look well’… that’s when you’ll feel fabulous!

A combination of microdermabrasion, intense pulsed light and regenerative peels underpin the non surgical facelift and can bring visible results fast. Your skin tone will be better, you’ll look more relaxed and fine lines and wrinkles will be less obvious. This is called tissue remodelling and is one of the best natural anti-ageing treatments available.

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